I was on TV once.


So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, New York City is a mere 4 hour drive or bus ride from Ithaca, which really isn’t that bad. And there are a lot of things to do there!

I will probably have to do a few posts to tell you about everything that I have done in NYC, but one of the really cool things was when I was on TV. I was actually on TV twice in one day.

Something I didn’t realize before I moved up here is that lot of really popular talk shows are filmed in the big apple, along with the late night shows and of course the Today Show.

Let’s just say when I found out about this, I got a little excited. There’s a whole list of shows you can go to as an audience member, for free! To name a few: The Colbert Report, Dr Oz, Live! with Kelly and Michael, The Chew, The Rachael Ray Show, The View, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Good Morning America.

I wasn’t kidding, there are lots! So, when I found out I would be spending a few days in NYC this summer I was sure to contact tons of shows to try to get tickets. This NYCGO post has lots of helpful info about the shows and how you get tickets.

I ended up getting tickets to Live! with Kelly and Michael and Late Night with Seth Meyers on the same day and I got put on TV for a few seconds on both shows. Yes, I am famous now. 😛

I went to Kelly and Michael in the morning and Seth Meyers in the afternoon. It was a packed day, but super super fun. Live with Kelly and Michael in a live show like the name implies, but Late Night with Seth Meyers is filmed in the afternoon, so there is time for them to edit it prior to air.

So yes, when was I was on TV. On  Live with Kelly and Michael, they panned over to me and my boyfriend to talk about recent graduates, I wasn’t so recently graduated but they didn’t need to know that! 😛 Also, Jonah Hill was one of their guests while I was there.


IMG_6304     IMG_6291

And here’s a video of the Seth Meyers Show, I was directly across the aisle from the actor who is speaking: Me on Late Night with Seth Meyers

I definitely plan to try and get tickets to more shows sometime in the future!

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