I want to know if people can keep fish at Cornell?

I haven’t ever lived in a Cornell dorm, I have always lived off campus, so I am not completely sure about that one, but in checking online it seems like it depends on the building you are living in, but some do allow fish if they are in a tank that is ten gallons or less. So, I would say just check with your RA (Resident Assistant) before bringing Mr. Fishy!

Have you ever attended Dragon Day?

I haven’t! 🙁 I have heard wonderful things about it though and there is a wiki page dedicated to it, so its obviously a pretty big deal. I will make a concious effort to go this Spring and I will share my experiences on the blog. 🙂

Can you really have meals with your professors?

I imagine this is a little different for undergraduates than it is for graduate students, and it depends on the professor, but when you are a graduate student you spend a lot of time with your Research Advisor, which is the professor that is helping you formulate ideas and carry out your thesis work. And I happen to have a really great research advisor, who is an amazing cook and invites us over to her house as a lab quite often!

Are the winters in Ithaca really that bad? 

They can be a challenge, especially if you are moving here from Florida, like I did. I wrote a post about 8 things you can expect from an Ithaca winter. Check it out! 

What are Cornell eateries like? 

There are a lot of different places on campus to grab some food. I spend most of my time at the Vet School, so I will sometimes grab a sandwich in the Vet cafeteria or get a coffee at the coffee cart there. Down campus, there are a lot more options. There is a Gimme coffee cafe in Gates hall that I love to go to for yummy coffee, but you will get an idea of where your favorite places to eat are once you have tried a few. Heres a list of food places on campus. 

Would you recommend that I bring a car to Cornell as an undergraduate student?

Every first year student both undergraduate and graduate is given a free bus pass in the first year at Cornell. This allows you to get all around Tompkins County and the Cornell campus. So, a car really isn’t necessary. It can definitely be useful when you are going to get groceries or going to shop, but the bus can be used for that, as well. Also, typically in the first years of undergraduate people get pretty big meal plans and don’t have to go to the grocery store too often! 

I am a potential Cornell student and have heard some questionable things about the school’s sense of community. Do you find that there are too many students and that they are too busy with studying for real groups of friends to be made?

So, I can only attest to the student life of graduate students and not of undergraduates, but I would say that there is definitely a strong work ethic among my peers, but it it possible to find your niche. I get the feeling that the undergraduates definitely make more strong friendships than the graduate students, just due to the fact that graduate students are often in relationships, or married with families. Regardless, there are lots of activities you can get involved with both as a graduate and undergraduate student, where you are able to meet people who enjoy the same things you do.

Do you have any questions about Cornell life?  Ithaca? Graduate School? Transitioning from undergrad life? 

This is where you can ask them!

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