Eugene Dynkin, the A. R. Bullis Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, passed away on Friday, November 14th at Cayuga Medical Center at the age of 90. He lived a very full life shaped by some of the key geo-political events of the twentieth century and by his own outstanding courage, strength and talent.

His “Seventy Years in Mathematics” are paved with outstanding accomplishments. At the age of twenty, he studied the structure of Lie Algebras, introducing the objects now widely known as “Dynkin diagrams” or “Coxeter-Dynkin diagrams.” In the next decade, he became one of the world leaders in Lie group theory. Dynkin always emphasized (and taught his students) that one of the greatest values in mathematics is its unity, as revealed in the links between its various fields. He later became one of the world leaders in Probability theory, which is ultimately what drew him to Cornell, attracted by one of the most preeminent probability groups in the world. Throughout his career, he encouraged, guided and mentored many generations of mathematicians.

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