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Expanded Alexander Kluge Website

We are pleased to announce the release of the newly expanded digital collection revolving around the works – and intellectual networks – of Alexander Kluge: Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialogue. Alexander Kluge is a leading public intellectual, filmmaker, and cultural theorist in Germany, whose vast corpus of work engages with a broad range of […]

Interactive Digital Media Art Survey: Key Findings and Observations

In February of 2013, Cornell University Library in collaboration with the Society for the Humanities began a two-year project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to preserve access to complex born-digital new media art objects. The project aims to develop a technical framework and associated tools to facilitate enduring access to interactive […]

Ongoing Considerations in AV Preservation at CUL

In an audiovisual preservation workflow, there is a bit of a wormhole effect to each decision you make. For instance, when choosing whether to accommodate the digitization of a new format in-house, one must consider long-term support for the equipment involved, including cleaning, maintenance, tools and supplies, as well as technical expertise. All of these things add […]

AV Preservation Census

We are pleased to announce that the Cornell AudioVisual Preservation team is launching a campus-wide census which will gather important data regarding our ‘at-risk’ AV formats. We will assess condition, format stability, uniqueness, and scholarly value. This is an important first step in developing a more comprehensive preservation strategy. This pilot initiative is being jointly […]

Recent Collections from DCAPS

DCAPS is pleased to announce these recently launched digital collections:   Mnemosyne Atlas: The Mnemosyne Atlas explores the complex work of the 20th century scholar, Aby Warburg. A collaboration between DCAPS, the Cornell University Press, the Warburg Institute, and the German Studies Department, the site is a digital corollary to the CU Press publication, Memory, Metaphor, […]

Reception for the Grants Program for Digital Collections

Faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences braved frigid temperatures on Feb. 27 to attend the first reception in support of the Grants Program for Digital Collections. The program — now in its fifth year —has funded more than 20 incredible projects  Funded by the College of Arts of Sciences and coordinated by Cornell […]

Invitation to Apply for DSPS Fellowship

We are getting ready to invite applications for the Digital Scholarship Fellowship position. Hosted by the DSPS unit the fellowship program aims to provide opportunities for CUL staff to expand their skills and experiences in developing, delivering, and assessing digital scholarship services. It supports the CUL objectives of “empowering staff to explore gaps in their […]

Cornell AV in Bloom(ington)

In late October, we had the opportunity to visit members of Indiana University’s Media Preservation Task Force with two colleagues from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology,  Karl Fitzke (Audio Engineer at Macaulay Library), and Bill McQuay, (Supervising Audio Engineer, Macaulay Library).  Our goal was to learn more about IU’s ambitious preservation plan to digitize its AV […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Arts and Sciences Visual Resources Program

Visual resources are critical in enabling and enhancing learning and teaching in the humanities and arts. During the last two decades, we have witnessed the digital shift in several ways, including the replacement of slide collections with personal digital image collections and an increased reliance on shared online visual resources such as ARTstor. And although […]

Preservation and Access Framework for Digital Art Objects

In February of 2013, Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services (DSPS) began a two-year NEH-funded project to preserve access to the complex born-digital media art objects in CUL’s Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art.  Read the press release here. The Goldsen Archive’s collections span a 50-year history of aesthetic experimentation with electronic media, from early […]

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