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Copyright Training for Staff task force tests CUL staff knowledge, supports Copyright Services

The Copyright Training for Staff task force (CTS) was one of several groups convened by the Scholarly Communications Working Group (SCWG) in 2018. In a survey distributed by SCWG at the end of 2017, CUL staff identified copyright training as one of the projects they’d be interested in the SCWG pursuing, and several volunteered to […]

Happy Public Domain Day!

What is Public Domain Day (PDD)?  Simply put, it is an annual celebration observed on the first of every year, marking the expiration of another year of copyrights, such that the affected works enter the public domain.  When works enter the public domain, they become widely available for a range of uses, including online access, […]

Scholarly Communication Working Group Sprint to Develop Author Rights Resources

Outreach to promote effective author rights management was identified as a high priority project for members of the Scholarly Communication Working Group (SCWG), and the Library Directors Leadership Team also raised this as an important issue in their introductory meetings with Director of Copyright Services Amy Dygert and Scholarly Communication Librarian Gail Steinhart. The SCWG […]