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CUL Kaltura: Audiovisual and Accessibility Developments

As many of you may remember, DCAPS manages the Library’s installation of Kaltura, a platform for online delivery of audiovisual content. Kaltura allows users to store, catalog and publish videos and other media collections on the web. Included in our Kaltura installation is MediaSpace, a YouTube-like interface for discovery and delivery of media stored in Kaltura. In addition to MediaSpace, embedded, streaming media from Kaltura is also delivered through other Library websites, such as eCommons and Digital Collections.

We’d like to alert you as to new accessibility features and documentation for the Library’s Kaltura instance and how it interacts across the discovery landscape. Melissa Wallace (UX Designer, DSPS) created an FAQ page for Kaltura and MediaSpace that explains how to upload content into MediaSpace and how to engage with DCAPS to achieve your streaming content goals for delivery.

Through a new version of Kaltura, we can now use ASR (Automatic Sound Recognition) technology to create captions for any newly deposited content. These caption files will live in the Library’s Kaltura Media Console along with the AV files themselves and can be downloaded and edited on your local computer, or in your browser through MediaSpace.

Tre Berney, along with Karl Fitzke, Sean Taylor, Erin Faulder and Evan Earle, have been working with Mann Library and IT@Cornell to create workflows for Cornell-created content to be preserved in the University Archives in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections. This has been going smoothly and will be reviewed in the coming months.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for more information about

Kaltura, or contact us at with any additional questions.


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