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Exciting Times for arXiv: Grants from the Sloan Foundation and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Usher the Next-Gen arXiv Initiative

We are pleased to receive a $450,000 grant from the Sloan Foundation and $200,000 from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) to start establishing a new technical infrastructure for arXiv. The funds from the Sloan Foundation will initiate the design of a modern, scalable, cost-efficient, and reliable technical infrastructure for arXiv. The additional support from the AI2 will allow us to focus on innovation and new features to strengthen quality control workflows and tools that make arXiv a highly-regarded service.

arXiv, a globally-used and integral tool for disseminating research findings in the physical sciences, relies on a 25 year-old code base in urgent need of modernization. As part of its 25th anniversary vision-setting process, the arXiv team at Cornell University Library conducted a user survey in April 2016 to seek input from the global user community about arXiv’s current services and future directions. We were heartened to receive 36,000 responses from 127 countries, representing arXiv’s diverse, global community (see the survey findings). The prevailing message is that users are happy with the service as it currently stands, with 95% of survey respondents indicating they are very satisfied or satisfied with arXiv. Furthermore, 72% of respondents indicated that arXiv should continue to focus on its main purpose, which is to quickly make available scientific papers, and this will be enough to sustain the value of arXiv in the future. Based on the conclusions the 25th anniversary vision-setting process, we anticipate that a multi-phase design and development of a next-generation arXiv (arXiv-NG) will require approximately 3 years with a $3+ million budget, including requirements specification, evaluation of alternate strategies and partnerships, design of a new system architecture, assessment, and deployment.

The funds from the Sloan Foundation enables us to begin the first phase to transition the arXiv service into a modern, extensible, and flexible architecture. We will create a comprehensive plan that factors in a range of issues extending from architectural choices to sustainability requirements, and from policy issues to governance matters. An integral part of this initiative will be networking with other related initiatives and striving to serve the broader scientific community.  The arXiv-NG team includes Jim Entwood (Operations Manager), Martin Lessmeister (Lead Developer), Sandy Payette (CTO), Oya Rieger (PI & Program Director), and Gail Steinhart (arXiv-NG Project Coordinator).

The funds from the AI2 will enable us to establish a collaboration between the Cornell University Library and the Cornell Computing and Information Science (CIS).  We will hire a Research & Innovation Fellow to partner with the arXiv team in designing and integrating a series of updated, research-oriented features for arXiv. The Fellow will be an experienced software engineer who will split his/her efforts between conducting research as a part of the CIS team and working closely with the arXiv staff at CUL on conceptualization, testing, and deployment of the new modules. This CUL/CIS collaboration will enable the integration of  tools emerging from research into the production system to improve user and moderator experience.

The ultimate goal is ensuring that arXiv continues to serve its essential role in facilitating science based on the needs of the user community, as well as responding to evolving scholarly communication practices.  We are excited about initiating the arXiv-NG project and look forward to providing you with updates.

Oya Y. Rieger
on behalf of the arXiv team


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