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AV Digitization Workflow Considerations

I had the great opportunity of attending the Association of Moving Image Archivists annual meeting and discovered a few things. First, Cornell University Library is at a good place in developing an audiovisual preservation workflow. With an established AV digitization service point and our first ingestion into CULAR on the horizon, DCAPS continues to expand […]

GSU Ereserves and Cornell

As most everyone knows by now, the decision in the appeal of the Georgia State ereserves case is out. The district court opinion found that Georgia State’s program was a fair use and ordered the plaintiffs (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Sage Publishing, acting as “beards” for the Copyright Clearance Center and the Association […]

Expanded Alexander Kluge Website

We are pleased to announce the release of the newly expanded digital collection revolving around the works – and intellectual networks – of Alexander Kluge: Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialogue. Alexander Kluge is a leading public intellectual, filmmaker, and cultural theorist in Germany, whose vast corpus of work engages with a broad range of […]