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Recent Collections from DCAPS

DCAPS is pleased to announce these recently launched digital collections:


Mnemosyne Atlas:


The Mnemosyne Atlas explores the complex work of the 20th century scholar, Aby Warburg. A collaboration between DCAPS, the Cornell University Press, the Warburg Institute, and the German Studies Department, the site is a digital corollary to the CU Press publication, Memory, Metaphor, and Aby Warburg’s Atlas of Images, by UCLA professor Christopher D. Johnson.  Drawing off of Johnson’s extensive knowledge and research into the Warburg Atlas, the site allows users to interact with  Warburg’s panels independently or with the guidance of scholars (Johnson has the first “ pathway” mapped, with more coming soon). The site was developed within DCAPS, and funded by the Arts & Sciences grants program as well as the Mellon Foundation.  The development team from Cornell Library consisted of Kizer Walker, Director for Collection Development; Manolo Bevia, Lead Designer; Jen Colt & Melissa Wallace, Designers; Jim Reidy, Programmer; Jason Kovari, Metadata Lead; and Danielle Mericle, Project Manager.


Cornell Collection of Antiquities:


This website is home to a number of collections revolving around the Ancient Mediterranean, including the Cornell Cast Collection, the Cornell Coin Collection, and the soon-to-be-developed Monumentum Ancyranum Squeeze Collection, and AD White Gem & Amulet Collection.  Digitized from the analog collections dispersed across campus, the website pulls together these resources into an integrated platform so that users may discover these rare and precious resources in a unified fashion.  Funding for the site was provided by the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Grants Program, and multiple units, faculty members, and graduate students contributed to the creation of the digital collections.     The development team from DCAPS consisted of Rhea Garen, digitization; Jason Kovari and Hannah Marshall, Metadata Design; Melissa Wallace, Designer; and Danielle Mericle, Project Management.


Efraim Racker, Scientist & Artist:


This fascinating site was a collaboration between the Department of Molecular Biology, the Racker family, and DCAPS. Originally a small effort to digitize a handful of VHS tapes from the Racker Lecture Series, the project quickly grew into a full-blown website with accompanying lectures (most of which are fully transcribed and searchable); historical information about Efraim Racker, and access to his extensive artistic output (in the form of journals and paintings).   The DCAPS team consisted of Melissa Wallace, Designer; James Reidy, Programmer; Mira Basara, Luna Programmer and PDF support; Tre Berney and Madelaine Casad, Video digitization; Jason Kovari, Metadata; and Danielle Mericle, project manager.


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