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Arts and Sciences Graduate Internship Program Pilot

In collaboration with the Society for the Humanities and Olin/Uris Library, CUL Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services (DSPS) is piloting a small-scale graduate student digital scholarship internship program this summer.  DSPS is joining forces with Olin/Uris Library to organize orientation and mentoring sessions for five graduate students in Arts and Sciences.  The objectives of this program are:

1. To increase the use and visibility of CUL’s digital tools and resources, particularly among younger researchers

2. To encourage a collaborative relationship between the library and the next generation of humanities scholars

3.  To help graduate students expand their digital skills through projects that will make them more competitive in a changing academic landscape.

The pilot implementation will be a 6-week program, requiring approximately 10 hours/week.  Interns will have a chance to tour DSPS digital preservation labs and hear from DSPS librarians about building and managing digital collections and collaborating with faculty on special projects in digital scholarship.

The program will provide an introduction to some new digital scholarship tools, such as text mining, topic modeling, and data visualization, and a chance to test out different scholarly communications and online content management platforms such as Scalar and Omeka.  Interns will use these tools and platforms to create their own digital scholarship projects over the 6-week internship period.  We will announce a public showcase of these summer projects during the 2013-2014 academic year.

This program has been organized by Mickey Casad, Virginia Cole, Michelle Paolillo , and Jaron Porciello, all of whom will lead tutorials with digital scholarship tools and provide guidance and support to the interns over the summer.  The organizers are grateful to Danielle Mericle, Oya Rieger, Kizer Walker, Keith Jenkins, and Kathy Chiang for discussing their own projects with the intern group

Our five interns for the Summer 2013 pilot internship program are:

Hannah Byland (Medieval Studies)

Megan Kruer (Romance Studies, French)

Nicolette Lee (English)

Katrina Nousek (German Studies)

Lynne Stahl (English)

We congratulate the new interns and look forward to seeing the outcomes of their experience.

Please contact Mickey Casad ( for additional information about the pilot program.  Here is a brief story about the pilot program:

Michelle Paolillo with Hannah Byland and Megan Kruer.

Michelle Paolillo views Megan Kruer’s word cloud with Lynne Stahl and Nici Lee.

Megan Kruer, Nici Lee, and Lynne Stahl in Oya Rieger’s office.


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