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Arts and Sciences Graduate Internship Program Pilot

In collaboration with the Society for the Humanities and Olin/Uris Library, CUL Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services (DSPS) is piloting a small-scale graduate student digital scholarship internship program this summer.  DSPS is joining forces with Olin/Uris Library to organize orientation and mentoring sessions for five graduate students in Arts and Sciences.  The objectives of this program […]

DSPS at IT@Cornell: Where unified research services meets cutting-edge technology

DSPS staff Mickey Casad, Michelle Paolillo, and Jaron Porciello joined 250 Cornellians to listen, learn and present a poster at the June 13 IT@Cornell event: Building our community, together. Our triptych poster* highlights services, expertise, and emerging collaborative opportunities between DSPS and the broader Cornell community. Services such as digitization, digital repositories and platforms, copyright services, […]

MOOCs, Copyright, and the Library

(by Peter Hirtle) As MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) have become of interest to higher education, so too have they drawn the attention of libraries.  Now that Cornell has joined the EdX partnership, MOOCs are of particular interest to CUL.  The article “Massive Open Opportunity: Supporting MOOCs in Public and Academic Libraries” is a good […]

arXiv-Data Conservancy Pilot

By Gail Steinhart, Simeon Warner, and Oya Rieger   From April 2011 through March 2013, arXiv collaborated on a pilot project with the Data Conservancy to support remote data deposit for arXiv submissions. The Data Conservancy, initially funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), is a project funded by , which aims to “research, design, […]