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Sustainability: Scholarly Repository as an Enterprise

Increasing emphasis on open science and the burgeoning data management mandates usher a complex suite of technology, policy and service needs. It is essential to consider the sustainability requirements upstream and remember that the services we are experimenting and creating now have long-term implications. As we explore a range of issues related to research data curation and management, it is prudent and timely to consider how these services will be maintained and developed in order to flourish over time. What we may consider an exploratory or pilot initiative often ends up transitioning into production, sometimes with insufficient time to think through implications. Therefore as we envision research data support, it is critical that we consider long-term development and management issues upstream as a component of an enduring service infrastructure. In the October/November issue of the American Society for the Information Science and Technology Bulletin, I proposed five key sustainability principles:

  • Deep integration into the scholarly community and scholarly processes
  • Clearly defined mandate and governance structure
  • Technology platform stability and innovation
  • Systematic development of content policies
  • Reliance on business planning strategies

If you are interested in learning more, the full-text article is available at:

Oya Y. Rieger


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