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arXiv Sustainability FAQ and Work Ahead of Us

You may have already seen the press release announcing that Simons Foundation will support arXiv’s transition from an exclusive initiative of Cornell University Library (CUL) to a collaboratively governed, community-supported resource through a generous gift. During 2013-2017, the Simons Foundation will provide up to $300,000 per year as a matching gift for the funds generated through arXiv’s membership fees. The grant also provides $50,000 per year as an “unconditional gift” that recognizes Cornell’s stewardship of arXiv. 

There is an FAQ that explains the new membership, governance, and fiscal model.  

We are very pleased with this important milestone in our arXiv sustainability initiative; however, also recognize that we have several additional goals to accomplish during the next several months.  For instance, creating bylaws to establish a Member Advisory Board (MAB), discussing the need for recruiting a scientific leader, reviewing user & moderation support, holding a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meeting, developing SAB bylaws, and completing the first phase Invenio implementation.  Most importantly, David Ruddy, Simeon Warner, and I have started working on 2-year roadmap for arXiv to articulate our technical, policy, user support, business, governance goals and vision. Such a document will be very useful in setting priorities and engaging the SAB and MAB in future deliberations.

Oya Y. Rieger


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