Ordering Stocks


The Cornell University Drosophila Species Stock Center provides subcultures of over 250 different Drosophila species. While the basic operating expenses of the Stock Center are funded by the National Science Foundation, we are required to charge for the stocks to recover some of the costs. The charge for a subculture of all available species is $40 plus shipping. For each live stock ordered we send one vial containing eggs and larvae, and one vial containing ~30-50 adults.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Stock Center periodically offers recent collections of isofemale lines on a limited-time basis. Investigators lacking grant support may petition the Stock Center for a waiver of fees by contacting the Stock Center director.

How to order

To order from the Drosophila Species Stock Center;

  1. Click to download the inventory list.
  2. Choose the kind of stock using the tabs at the bottom. Locate the stocks you are interested in by pressing Ctrl + F and inputting your species of interest.
  3. Add the number of stocks you want to order under the quantity column.
  4. Switch to the tab at the end called, Total with S&H (located at the bottom of the excel spread sheet). In this tab you can locate the total due, depending on the shipping destination. Highlight the shipping method you choose
  5. Take the total amount and pay via credit card payments , checks, or purchase order (PO).*Note if paying with a credit card, please enter buyers information in the transaction notes. If paying with checks please mail check to Cornell University Department of Entomology, Attn Lisa Marsh, 2124 Comstock Hall, Ithaca NY 14853.
  6. Then email  drosophila@cornell.edu your completed order form along with a shipping address, and your tax exempt form (if applicable) . If paying with a PO please include your PO number in email.

***Processing takes around 5 days after receiving payment for stock to be ready for shipment. Shipping will take around 3 business days. We only ship on Mondays, so try to get your orders in before the previous Wednesday. If you are paying with a PO, please be aware this could delay your shipment until payment has been received.***

***When in need of a refund, email drosophila@cornell.edu. Please be advised we can not do partial refunds.***

Please note that once the order is sent out, it is the responsibility of the shipping carrier to ensure guarantees on shipments are met.