How is it already November?? I spent the last few days of October celebrating Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Even though it’s not as big of a deal in Copenhagen, there are a few places that get in the spirit. One of those places is Tivoli, which is the second oldest amusement park in the world, and the place is decorated for Halloween.

I started off November right by traveling with my Graphic Design course for a week through the Netherlands to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. There, we focused on learning more about Graphic Design in different parts of Europe through seemingly unending (in a good way!) museums and personal design studio visits.


We started the trip in Amsterdam, which is definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve visited. It’s as charming as Copenhagen but quite a bit bigger.

A perfect rainbow over the old houses of Amsterdam!

We went to many museums, one of which was the Van Gogh Museum, which I’ve been wanting to visit since my childhood. We also went to multiple visits of different design studios, including the publishers of Frame Magazine, an international design magazine based in Amsterdam.

A visit to the Stedelijk Museum

We did do some non-design related activities, including a nighttime canal tour and some incredible food. A highlight was a multi-course meal from a place that called itself not a restaurant, but a design studio for the culinary arts. We were even able to plate some of the courses! Thank you to DIS for these wonderful experiences because they planned so many amazing activities to really round out our trip to the Netherlands.

Our multi-course meal was centered on the theme of the importance of water in Amsterdam


Next we moved on to Utrecht, which was a quick stop to visit an incredibly interesting studio that works with intersections between design and technology, and a museum where we learned about children’s character Miffy, whose creator was from Utrecht.

Lastly, we headed to Rotterdam, the second biggest city in the Netherlands. The city was destroyed during WWII, so it has been completely remodeled since then. Because of this, it’s very modern in comparison to most European cities so it almost looked American. It’s also in the middle of being built up which gave it a unique feel because the city has so many plans in the near future. There, we visited a few different museums, including one of my favorite museums I’ve seen so far called Kunsthal. We also did a workshop where we had to make a poster, and it was nice to do something hands-on.

me n my poster!

A Yayoi Kusama infinity room at the Kunsthal


The best part about the trip was being able to meet people from across Graphic Design, as well as get closer to people in my class. I also was able to have more personal time with the professors in the design department and was able to hear about their previous careers before they were teachers (all of the DIS professors have real-world experience in their field).


I was able to spend both weekends before and after the trip in Copenahgen, and there was even a sunny day! Kind of like Ithaca, Copenhagen is used to rainy days, so it makes sunny days all the better. As much as I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places, I love coming back to my Copenhagen home.