Wow, the past few weeks have just flown by!! I have been traveling every weekend for the past few weeks, so it was great to spend this weekend in Copenhagen.


A few weeks ago, I went to Munich for Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest is a huge festival that happens every year (in September, not October) and the original is in Munich. People dress up in traditional dirndls (for women) and leiderhosen (for men). Millions of people go for delicious sausages, carnival rides, and lots of dancing. I met so many people who were from all around the world, including many Germans. I was also able to meet up with a fellow Cornell Hotelie, Max!

Hotelie for life!

I was only home for a few days and then I was off on my giant European trip from my abroad trip. Everyone at DIS gets a full week off classes in the middle of the semester, and most kids take advantage of the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. I went with one of my friends who I met here, Olivia. Together, we traveled throughout France and Germany.


We started in Paris, where I got some good use of my high school French. On our first day, we were taking a (free!) tour of Montmartre, the artists’ neighborhood of Paris, when our tour guide told us it was the White Night, a cultural celebration where many museums were open up late for free. We ended up going to L’Orangerie and we were able to see an intimate classical music performance in the room of Monet’s Water Lilies—it was absolutely incredible and definitely a highlight of my time abroad so far.

I’ve never been to a more amazing performance!

A picture of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night because how could I not 🙂

We did classic touristy things like visiting museums and eating tons of cheese and even snails. We also took a side trip to Giverny, where Monet lived and painted his water lilies. Being quite the art nerd, I may have had a huge freak out.

Next, we went on to Tours, which is a city in the Loire Valley of France. It was only a few hours away and truly a beautiful side trip if you have a bit of extra time in France. We visited the incredible Chenonceau Castle and we also toured some vineyards.

Next we went on to Munich after an overnight bus ride (a cheap but definitely not luxurious way of getting around). It’s a beautiful city with a lot of food markets and gardens to walk around. We even took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. This is the town The Sound of Music is set in, but we spent the day going up an incredible mountain (and eating some delicious strudel at the top).

After going back to Munich, we visited Dachau Concentration Camp, which was fascinating and a really valuable experience to me.

Okay and I have to post a few pictures of some of the incredible food I ate…..

We couldn’t get an affordable flight out of Munich, so we flew out of Cologne, which meant we had a morning to spend there. We randomly decided to go to the zoo and had the best time! Finally, we went home to Copenahgen—although we had a great trip, I was so happy to be back in the city of hygge!


I never realized how hard and tiring it is to travel, especially being on a college kid budget. We did get very lucky with our Airbnb’s which we stayed in throughout our trip, which were all wonderful. And by now, everything that was stressful or scary in the moment is now just a funny memory—including the day we went on a bike trip and got lost as the sun was setting. I definitely suggest being careful when it comes to traveling around when there isn’t public transport around where you are! More importantly, if you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it and let it impact your trip. When we missed a train for one of our day trips, instead of getting upset, we bought the ticket for the next train in a few hours and visited a nearby church.


All of my courses have also been going really well, and I’m excited about where they’re going. I had a big presentation last week for Creative Industries. For the project, we had to create a real-life product that could be sold by the DIS Front Desk. I was able to design a set of postcards using my skills from Graphic Design—it makes me realize how much I’m learning in all my classes and am able to apply those skills to real-life. This week, I’ll have a presentation on Michelin star restaurants and the system’s implication on the future of the culinary industry—very up my alley.


Next week, I leave with my Graphic Design course to Amsterdam and Rotterdam for a week to learn more in depth about design. I can’t wait to update you on it!