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Release notes

This website provides information about the development of Cornell University Library’s new search and catalog. On this site you’ll find information about each release, as well as FAQknown issues and plans for future development.

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March 1, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where previous/next links on an item view were not stepping through results correctly
  • Fixed a bug where number of results per page was not preserved when viewing other pages
  • Fixed a bug where a call number search was not sorting by call number

February 9, 2017

  • Upgraded to Solr6
  • Added new display fields: Indexes, Instrumentation, Thesis
  • Implemented “begins with” searching
  • Reduced stemming behavior
  • Enabled donor searching by book plate code
  • Normalization for spacing differences in facets
  • Fixed a bug where 555 label doesn’t match Classic Catalog
  • Initial articles not used for sorting titles in browse
  • Addition of LCGFT terms to the genre facet
  • Fixed bug where titles with diacritics were incorrectly sorting

January 24, 2017

  • Fixed a bug where selecting Recall on a multi-volume item sent you into a volume-select loop
  • Changed the font for call number in the Availability box on the item view, for easier reading
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the creation of “back to search” links for searches originating from single search
  • Fixed a bug where sort order was not remembered when paginating through results
  • Added a session timer prompt
  • Added a non-circulating label for items at the Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility
  • Fixed a bug where certain Aeon requests failed
  • Added “skip to search results” for screen readers
  • Added email protection through CUWebAuth
  • Improved availability calls on search results – only fetch availability for items that are visible, and starting from the top of the page

November 2, 2016

  • Made list numbers smaller in search results, set apart from titles
  • Implemented column layout for See Also references in Browse, for easier reading
  • Changed “Document Delivery” label to “ScanIt,” in Requests
  • Fixed a bug where All Fields simple searches were not being properly added to constraints
  • Disabled “Did you mean” from Browse and click-to-search searches
  • Added subjects to Databases Terms of Use pages
  • Improved Search History for facet-only searches and removed blank searches (no query or facets)
  • Added link to catalog when no results in single search
  • Added select all button to search results
  • Adjusted display criteria for donor fields
  • Improved handling of bound-with in Requests
  • Fixed a bug where the “more” link in facets didn’t work after an advanced search
  • Removed facets from the home page for faster loading
  • Improved inconsistent display of dates in 856 link text
  • Fixed a bug where simple searches with “&” truncated everything after “&”
  • Enabled selective disabling of delivery methods
  • Fixed a bug where editing of Best Bets wasn’t working
  • Fixed a bug where notes were displayed inline on item view after upgrade to Blacklight 6.31
  • Cursor now starts in search box on catalog home page
  • Extended Search History timeout to 4 hours
  • Moved location displays into one source
  • Fixed link to Ives Hall map in Availability box
  • Fixed a blank availability row on item 8295841
  • Fixed link to SPIF in Availability box

October 4, 2016

  • Refinements to Advanced Search to fix bugs – phrase searching, spell check, blanks rows
  • Fixed a bug where item records were not viewable from certain advanced searches, and previous/next links did not work
  • Fixed other online content field so all links display
  • Updated protocol for Best Bets URL

September 13, 2016

  • Updated software to Blacklight 6.3.1

August 2, 2016

  • Fixed pagination bug when browsing headings
  • Fixed bug where Did you mean? picked up field names from Advanced Search
  • Fixed bug where using plus or minus in a Databases search would cause an error
  • Added option to request a scan of chapter or article in Availability box on item record
  • Requests
    • Fixed bug for Library-to-Library restrictions
    • Fixed bug where holds could be placed on serials and certain on-site items
    • Fixed a bug where certain items would trigger Interlibrary Loan requests when they shouldn’t
    • Added link to Interlibrary Loan on volume-select screen

April 21, 2016

  • Added Streaming Video category to Databases
  • Requests
    • Added location to copies on request forms
    • Fixed a bug where unavailable items caused an Interlibrary Loan loop
    • Cleaned up field alignment for forms
    • Added Bootstrap 3 markup to purchase request form
    • Improved accessibility of volume select page
  • Switch placeholder text in Browse search box to include example searches
  • Added RIS export format; removed Mendeley format
  • Added Terms of Use for ebooks
  • Added “begins with” option to Advanced Search
  • Updated branding and improved Terms of Use display in E-Journal Titles interface
  • Changed display of holdings/availability info into a table format for easier reading
  • Fixed a bug where Databases threw an error when no description
  • Fixed a bug where parentheses were missing on selected items count when selecting an item
  • Updated Hours/Map links
  • Improved display of holdings for serials and microform
  • Make a quoted Advanced Search work without choosing phrase
  • Fixed a bug where sorting was not working on Advanced Search results
  • Fixed a bug where status was incorrect in email messages
  • Updated item view to mimic subject pipe display in Browse interface
  • Removed click-to-search behavior for linking entry fields
  • Fixed a bug where some title links were not being dropped when records being linked to are removed
  • Improved display of other forms
  • Improved display of author/contributor relator information
  • Added display of notes related to dates of publication

February 11, 2016

  • Added volume numbers to availability information

February 9, 2016

  • Fixed bug where titles in Databases were not going directly to the resource
  • Updated help text on Browse page

January 21, 2016

  • Updated Library branding
  • Added call number sort
  • Searches using the call number field are automatically sorted by call number
  • Added ‘info’ popup on item record for viewing author headings information
  • Fixed a bug where a blank call number caused an exception
  • Fixed a bug where no item records for items with bound-with caused an exception
  • Fixed a bug where unauthorized genre terms were missing from subject browse
  • Fixed a bug where the absence of an online URL broke certain Databases subjects

January 11, 2016

  • Linking between records for the same work
  • Searching expanded to find records based on alternate forms of authors’ names and subject terms
  • When a browse item has only one see also, that see also now appears in the browse list.
  • Works appearing in subject or author (sorted by title) browses now have pipe characters between the author and title.
  • Call number facet expanded to include more call numbers.
  • Author (sorted by title) no longer displays dates or relator codes.
  • Records now counted under higher level subject terms in subject browse.
  • Multiple access links on a record now displayed in controlled order.
  • Added 10-minute session timeout

November 19, 2015

  • Borrow Direct settings have been updated to work with new Borrow Direct production database
  • Added z note (note about access) to the Terms of Use page in Databases
  • Removed simple search box from Advanced Search page
  • Added Back to Catalog link to works that appear in subject browse
  • Fixed a bug where item 3104718 didn’t show delivery time on request screen
  • Fixed a bug where library-to-library form comments were not being transmitted

November 11, 2015

  • Fixed additional connection issue with Borrow Direct
  • Fixed a bug where holdings and requests did not work for item 8688843
  • Fixed a bug where the call number didn’t display in emails for item 8688843
  • Fixed a bug where the advanced search layout broke when modifying searches of 3 or more rows
  • Improved appearance of RDA dates in Browse interface
  • Fixed a bug where backslashes in the Browse interface would cause an error
  • Fixed a bug where the purchase request button wasn’t working on item 216537
  • Fixed a bug where request button was missing from item 1902405
  • Fixed a bug where an ampersand in the query resulted in a Libraries Worldwide count of zero

October 15, 2015

  • Fixed bug where request fails if perm location isn’t a hash

October 12, 2015

  • Fixed connection issue with Borrow Direct
  • Integrated Advanced Search functionality into catalog app instead of via separate gem
  • Fixed headings alignment on Databases home page
  • Made headers smaller in print output
  • Browse UI improvements
    • Fixed bug where hyphens were stripped out of Description field
    • Fixed bug with incorrect capitalization in heading view
    • Fixed bug where works link wasn’t displayed for subject browse
    • Fixed bug where works about link wasn’t display for author-title browse
    • Fixed appearance of link for works by

August 19, 2015

  • Publication info is now included in citations
  • Fixed a bug where the background was black in IE9
  • Fixed a bug where long constraints would extend beyond the layout
  • Improved the appearance of printed web pages
  • Improved the Browse interface
    • Fixed a bug where hyphens were being stripped out of heading view
    • Fixed a bug where “works by” did not display in subject browse
    • Fixed a bug where “works about” did not display in author (sorted by title) browse
    • Improved the appearance of “works by” links on heading view
  • Improved page load time by removing the call number facet for searches without a query
  • Fixed a bug where request form validation wasn’t working
  • Fixed a bug where status was different between search results and item view

August 6, 2015

  • Additional notes display related to thesis work
  • Barcode searches retrieve all works in an item
  • Additional relator terms display for other contributors
  • Fix to overnight record updates for items put on or taken off of reserve

June 18, 2015

  • Upgrade to Blacklight 5.9
  • Added hierarchical call number facet
  • Added headings browse by author, author (sorted by title) and subject
  • Added volume information to missing status for multi-volume items
  • Now faceting using FAST Subject Headings
  • Separated Topic/Genre facet field into separate Topic and Genre fields

June 3, 2015

  • Fixed unicode corruption bug
  • Requests bug fixed for items with supplementary material
  • Improved date sorting to use publication date rather than production date
  • Simplified publication date display in search results for many works
  • Fixed handling of links between non-Roman and Romanized versions of “other contributor” names

April 22, 2015

  • Added item status to contents of email
  • Fixed a bug where 8258651 wouldn’t load due to too many pipes in the click-to-search field
  • Improved series click-to-search by removing specific item information from the searched value
  • Fixed a bug where item 1902405 did not display current issues
  • Removed Selected Items menu list from Digital Collections view
  • Removed “Back to catalog results” link from an item view if you got there from Digital Collections

April 16, 2015

  • Fixed bug in loading request screens for item 314011 by improving call to BorrowDirect API

March 30, 2015

  • Added new Cornell Digital Collections view to replace Registry of Digital Collections site.
  • Added Borrow Direct access for temporary reserve items
  • Improved display of title and subtitle in Databases
  • Improved display order for corporate author field
  • Added links to items in HathiTrust

March 18, 2015

  • Fixed a bug where Libraries Worldwide link sometimes displayed on items when it shouldn’t
  • Improved display on diacritics in non-webkit browsers in Catalog and single search interface
  • Added area studies category to Databases
  • Added a minor relevancy boost to works published in the last 30 years
  • Single search: Improved quoted searches where quotes come in the middle of a search string rather than the beginning

February 17, 2015

  • Renamed the Journals facet to Journals/Periodicals in the catalog and single search
  • Included FAST subject headings in the facets
  • Fixed a bug where on-order items broke the email feature

January 20, 2015

  • Limit solr fields in results to speed up performance
  • Upgrade to Ruby 2 and Rails 4, and fix related bugs: text messaging, Aeon, Zotero
  • Changed Library website feedback form to go to libgateway-l instead of cul-dafeedback-l
  • Improve publication date slider for impossible dates
  • Updated footer content to include additional Library resources
  • Removed the “back to search” link if the link is blank
  • Automated ERMS terms of use
  • Single search: fixed bug where best bets weren’t displaying

January 9, 2015

  • Made “available” label more prominent and request button less so on item view
  • Fixed a bug where items on order broke the email function

January 8, 2015

  • Single search: Changed feedback links to go to Library website feedback form instead of an email address
  • Ejournals: Fixed a bug where the mobile navigation wouldn’t stay open

November 19, 1014

  • Reordered top navigation links so that Ask a Librarian and Help links are next to each other
  • Add Libraries Worldwide link for searches with no results
  • Improve interface for 400 and 500 error messages
  • Expanded coverage of Libraries Worldwide links for e-only items
  • Availability
    • Remove status for holdings records with no item records (e.g. bound with items)
    • Always display copy number
  • Databases
    • Improve link to resource when there is no z note
  • Requests
    • Law rare items can now be requested from RMC

October 24, 2014

  • Fixed display of unicode characters on item page
  • Fixed a bug where Journal Title was searching All Fields instead of Title
  • Fixed a bug where Previous and Next links didn’t work on Journal Title searches
  • Fixed a bug where an empty search in Databases would throw an error
  • Put Help link in top navigation bar
  • Put Libraries Worldwide link box in the mobile collapsible nav
  • Now displaying z note in Databases
  • Advanced search
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t select journal title in multiple rows
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t leave the first row blank
  • Requests
    • Fixed a bug where an item couldn’t be requested due to non-numerical data in the chron field
    • Fixed a bug where guest ID holder couldn’t place a hold
    • Removed display of Delivery Time label when the field is empty
    • Removed Other Delivery Options table when there are no other options
  • Availability
    • Improved occurrences of “on-site use” message
    • Do not display “on order” information for open orders
    • Display “on-site” use for non-circulating items
    • Improved message for items with no holdings

October 23, 2014

Single search

  • Added Help link to top navigation bar
  • Added correct singular or pluralization to “View all” links
  • Improvements for searches with “&”

September 24, 2014

  • Fixed a bug where exporting certain items to Zotero caused an error
  • Fixed a bug in uniform title click-to-search behavior
  • Enabled bar code searching
  • Modified detection of multi-volume works
  • Fixed a bug where solr was not alphabetizing accented characters correctly
  • Fixed a bug where online works were being added to the “At the Library” facet
  • Fixed a bug where online access links were being filtered out too aggressively
  • Microform format now displays when other formats are associated with a record
  • Added an additional mapping condition for the Map or Globe format
  • Changed “Expand your search” to “Looking for more?”
  • Added Recommend a Purchase link
  • Added a chat link
  • Changed the Librarian View to display in a regular page instead of a modal window
  • Removed truncation warning in advanced search tips since this is supported
  • Updated availability display so location and call number are more clear
  • Display temporary location instead of permanent location in availability box
  • Blocked display of online holdings call numbers
  • Email updates: added location; emailing from Selected Items page now sends multiple items
  • Requests system
    • Fixed a bug where certain items that are available for purchase would show a “We’re sorry, something went wrong” screen if you tried to request them.
    • Updated the system so that you can’t deliver an Olin Library item to Uris Library, and vice-versa.
    • Fixed a bug where copies and volumes were confused on request screen
    • Fixed a bug where names would get cut off at punctuation in the purchase request form auto-fill
    • Improved the email subject line for request a purchase form
    • Changed label from “library-to-library” to “Cornell library-to-library”
    • Fixed a bug where Annex items could not be delivery to Annex
    • Improved accessibility of cancel request options form element

Single search

  • User interface updates: changed “All Formats” to “Looking for more?”, added result count to Libraries Worldwide link, added a link to Recommend a Purchase
  • Changed survey link to send mail to the feedback list instead of going to Qualtrics
  • Added a chat link
  • Fixed bug where single search was not being nice to boolean operators
  • New best bets added based on search term use from August 1-September 15, 2014: Borrow Direct (borrow direct), E-Books at Cornell University Library (ebooks), Interlibrary loan (ILL), Wall street journal (wall street journal), Overdrive e-books and audio books (overdrive)

August 19, 2014

  • Improved print styles
  • Fixed a bug where some characters were not printing
  • Added a print button to item record pages
  • Re-styled email, export, print, etc., links as buttons
  • Improved contents of email message — added call number, better subject line, better author display
  • Now displaying donor from 541 field
  • Fixed responsiveness of advanced search form so that all fields in a row display on one row
  • Added Mendeley and Zotero export formats (RIS)
  • Fixed a bug involving phrase searching with a hyphen
  • Updated call number search to allow for prefix inclusion
  • Updated call number search to allow for dropping ‘thesis’
  • Fixed a bug where locations not named “Library” were missing from the At the Library facet
  • Requests system
    • Fixed a bug where number of requests were not seen on certain items
    • Fixed a bug where a “page not found error” was returned for some items
    • Fixed a bug where Document Delivery links were broken for multi-volume items
    • Fixed a bug where “copies” were displaying instead of “volumes”
    • Fixed a bug where rare copy of an item was requestable
    • Document Delivery is now more widely available as a delivery option
    • Remove hidden/collapsible “other options” table so that other delivery options always display
    • Fixed a bug where requesting some RMC items led to a “We’re sorry something went wrong” screen
    • Fixed a bug where a Borrow Direct form displays instead of Aeon (for rare items)
    • Fixed a bug where “other options” link was displaying on Check circulation page
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t request an item on order
    • Fixed a bug where volume selection wasn’t preserved when switching from Borrow Direct to Interlibrary Loan

Single search

  • Improved print styles
  • Added link to Libraries Worldwide when no results or no catalog results
  • Added a tooltip (about this search) on the home page
  • Changed “Related Websites” label to “Websites”

July 28, 2014

  • Added links to Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan in the header
  • Fixed a bug with any/all operators in advanced search
  • Added a link to WorldCat for items which Cornell only has as ebook
  • Added a link to Search Tips page
  • Updated look of Expand your search links to match single search interface
  • Fixed a bug where certain items displayed as “online” when they are not full-text
  • Added WorldCat help text on the Catalog home page
  • Authors are no longer retrieved in title searches
  • Improved ability to search by music key
  • Technical details note (538) now displays as part of Description rather than being buried in Notes
  • Requests system
    • Publisher info is now properly parsing into the correct fields in Interlibrary Loan
    • Updated Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan delivery times
    • Added volume info on request screens
    • Only display volume dropdown if there is more than one volume
    • Only show the “request in advance” warning if the item must be requested in advance
    • Fixed a bug where purchase requests were going to Ask a Librarian
    • Fixed a bug where Borrow Direct was not showing up as an option for some BD-eligible items
    • Users with Guest IDs can now make requests

Single search

  • Improved ‘no results’ message

July 11, 2014

  • Moved My Account link to the main navigation bar
  • Export to RefWorks now opens in a new browser window
  • Improved print output so it uses less paper
  • Fixed a bug where search constraints (facets) were not appearing under the search box
  • Removed select all feature for further development
  • Added spaces between commas for long holdings data
  • Fixed a bug where there was a delay in the cursor appearing in the search box
  • Requests system
    • Added user credentials to request screens
    • Fixed a bug where large holdings data timed out
    • Fixed a bug where user would get the wrong request message on certain items: “You have already requested this item.”
    • Fixed a bug where the page would time out when requesting Time from the Annex
    • University of Chicago was added to Borrow Direct searching
    • Fixed a bug that limited Borrow Direct request engine to searching only title and not ISBN

Single search

  • Moved Articles box to the left when there are no other formats
  • Moved My Account link to the main navigation bar
  • Fixed grammar of “result(s)”
  • Fixed a bug where there was a delay in the cursor appearing in the search box

June 2014

  • Fixed long wrapping of availability holdings
  • Fixed a bug where AND, OR and NOT were not working correctly in advanced search
  • Updated Catalog home page “other resources” and added links to Classic and Worldcat Local
  • Improved UI for mobile navigation and CUL logo
  • Fixed and improved “&” and “and” searching
  • Improvements to availability services — performances, notes, supplementary info, etc.
  • Removed duplicate translations between main and non-Roman title fields
  • Fixed call number bug
  • Fixed Chinese-Japanese-Korean searching
  • Fixed 130 field display bug
  • Added ability to specify musical keys in search query

Single search

  • Fixed phrase searching
  • Fixed “&” and “and” searching
  • Search term is now retained on Library Websites results pages
  • Fixed bug where some best bets were not appearing in their format boxes
  • Small updates to home page layout
  • Updated layout
    • Moved formats sidebar to the left
    • Displaying 3 results instead of 5
    • Removed Books from the fixed position in the top left
    • Added link to Classic Catalog
    • Updated labels for Library Websites and Related Websites
    • Added jump bar for formats below the fold
    • Improved UI for mobile navigation and CUL logo

May 2014

  • Numerous improvements to call number searching
  • Removed stopword filtering from index
  • Corrected some records incorrectly reported as “online”
  • Fixed bug in IDs for cancel request times
  • Fixed bug in volume selection
  • Fixed typo in “Cornell in Washington”
  • Improved printing of librarian view, added monospace font for easier reading
  • Made online link more prominent in search results
  • Placed cursor in search box by default on beta site home page
  • Fixed bug where title didn’t display in browser window on item view
  • Improved web accessibility for request screens

Single Search

  • Fixed a bug the was preventing the display of best bets (for both catalog items and websites)
  • Fixed spacing between search input and button
  • Updated title field  so non-Roman characters display
  • Call number searching now works
  • Improved mobile display and web accessibility
  • Improved formatting for Library Websites Google results

March 2014

  • Added heatmaps to single search and catalog
  • Completed accessibility check for single search and catalog
  • Added ability to ‘select all’ on catalog results page
  • Improved display of holdings statuses
  • Suppressed ‘no linguistic content’ and ‘undetermined’ values from the language facet
  • Improved author click-to-search behavior to include additional subfields
  • Fixed bug in requesting item with temporary location
  • Updated Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan delivery times
  • Removed sticky header from catalog
  • Left-aligned catalog constraints so longer labels are easier to read when lines wrap

Single Search

  • Added best bets autocomplete dropdown to search box
  • Improved single search results layout by removing extraneous space between boxes
  • Improved layout of single search home page
  • Added search option links to single search home page
  • Removed unusable form fields from library websites results page and improved formatting
  • Added link to “libraries worldwide” when there are no book results
  • Added a survey link
  • Improved responsive display

January 2014

  • Added incremental updates — catalog is updated at midnight each day
  • Beta release of redesigned CUL website and new single search interface
  • Added consistent site navigation between new CUL website, single search  and catalog interfaces
  • Improved navigation between single search and catalog by adding a “Search” header link
  • Improved responsive header
  • New domain names for single search and catalog
  • Added auto-complete for best bets

December 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on November 14.
  • Updated formatting of item view availability box so it’s easier to read
  • Fixed a bug where advanced searches failed if there were blank fields
  • Added back the ‘any copy’ option for requests
  • Fixed a bug with holds placed on multivolume items
  • Updated most of the site so it passes an accessibility check

November 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on November 14.
  • Fixed bugs in call number searching
  • Fixed bugs in advanced search, including the handling of ampersands
  • Moved ‘Expand your search’ links so that they are more visible
  • Updated the version of Font Awesome for icons
  • Changed ‘status unknown’ label to provide more useful info
  • Improved availability display for multivolume items
  • Improved availability display of PDA records

October 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on September 28.
  • Name and email now auto-populate on patron driven purchase request form using LDAP lookup

September 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on July 8.
  • Added result count for articles to Expand Your Search box
  • Added ability to modify an advanced search
  • Fixed a bug where the recall expiration date was the same date that the request was made
  • Improved the order of volumes in volume select list

August 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on July 8.
  • Added links to expand your search in libraries worldwide and Summon for articles
  • Improved behavior of the location facet
  • Improved user interface for multivolume requests
  • Added Document Delivery as a request option
  • Added new format types: Website, Miscellaneous, Object

July 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on April 29.
  • Better handling of requests for multivolume records
  • Updated checking of Borrow Direct sources for requests
  • Numerous bug fixes in requests system
  • Advanced searches now show up correctly on search history page
  • Fixed bug where sorting after an advanced search was not working
  • Improved readability for availability status when viewing a single item
  • Header remains fixed to the top of the screen so selected items count is always visible
  • Fixed an IE8 bug where the site was not rendered properly when served over HTTPS

June 2013

  • Record currency: Records are copied from the classic catalog on April 29. Further out-of-date holdings should no longer be an issue.
  • Suppressed shadow records and the records they point to have been boosted
  • Punctuation is removed from the author sort
  • Publication year facet no longer contains bad data due to data clean-up and suppression of future dates
  • Fixed bug where right-to-left language text was displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed bug where Access and Library Location facets were missing records

April 2013

  • Record currency: All of our records were copied from the classic catalog in mid-February, and have not been updated. Further, our “Access” and “Library Location” filters sometimes reflect even more badly out-of-date holdings.
  • All non-Roman script information is being displayed.
  • Archival material displays as “Manuscript/Archive” in the Format facet, though there are still 6-7k “unknown formats.”
  • Sort by author is mostly fixed, though it still sorts by leading punctuation.
  • Fixed bug in publisher number search
  • Fixed bug where display values were jumbled because the record subfields weren’t being displayed in the correct order
  • Fixed bug for sorting facets alphabetically
  • Fixed bug for previous/next buttons on the selected items page

March 28, 2013

Record currency: All of our records were copied from the classic catalog in mid-February, and have not been updated. Further, our “Access” and “Library Location” filters sometimes reflect even more badly out-of-date holdings.