Benefactors can be confident that gifts of any size will be impactful and utilized to the fullest extent.

Whether or not you have history with Dilmun Hill, donating to the Barn Project means that you become part of the Dilmun Hill community. Integral to Dilmun Hill’s identity is our open door policy; all visitors are welcome to the farm every day of the year, at any time of day. As a donor, you will be able to see and share the structure that your contribution went towards, whether you come to the farm announced or unannounced, anytime that you find yourself on campus.

The transparent nature of Dilmun Hill and the scope of the Barn Project provide an opportunity for individuals to donate to a project that is both immediately tangible at the university level, and relevant to the greater global community.

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support that we continue to receive from our Cornell alumni and family; without you, this project would not be possible.

You can donate to the Barn Project in any amount through our CORNELL GIVING ACCOUNT. Please make sure someone on our team is aware that you have donated through this account, by sending us an email. 

The new barn will be constructed in phases, as we raise money to meet our fundraising goals. Ultimately, our goal is to reach $150,000 for the project, which will allow us to create a space to support the growth of Dilmun Hill into the future.

Phase I ($40,000): Machine Storage

Funding for Phase I has been secured thanks to a generous alumni donation.


This spring we will be constructing a 900 ft2 enclosed structure that will provide storage for hand tools, machines, and other equipment.

We can’t wait to start construction, and are excited to relocate to the top of Dilmun Hill!

Phase II ($35,000): Roofline Completion

Thanks to another generous alumni gift, we have secured funding for Phases II and III! The full roofline will be completed in Phase II, adding an additional 1,100 square feet to the structure. We will also pour a cement pad underneath the completed roofline, which will allow the space to be used for workshops, instructional labs, and vegetable processing for our 40 share CSA.

Phase III ($40,000): Climate Control

With funding secured for Phase III, we will be able to enclose and insulate 96 square feet for vegetable storage. This space will ultimately be refrigerated after power is installed in Phase IV. 

An additional 96 square feet of space will be enclosed to serve as an organizational area for the student summer farm managers.

We will also install an ADA compliant bathroom with a composting toilet.

Phase IV ($30,000): Power & Passive Systems

The final phase of the project will implement solar power to meet the energy needs of the barn (which will come primarily from the refrigerated area. Wiring will be installed throughout the structure.

A student-designed rainwater collection system will also be installed to capture runoff from the roof.

We look forward to realizing our collective vision for both Dilmun Hill, and the future of regional food systems, together.

For further guidance in supporting this project, contact Alena Hutchinson (

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