Architectural Mission

An ecological model for community supported agricultural practices.

In considering design strategies for the new barn at Dilmun Hill, our student architectural team worked to develop a space that maintained economy and utility as its highest priorities, while also offering the opportunity for community-focused spaces to flourish as the farm grows.

The Dilmun Hill community worked together to develop a list programmatic requirements for the new space. The primary mission of the farm is educational, so particular focus was given to establishing a comfortable space for workshops and demonstrations.

In addition to teaching space that will facilitate educational programming at Dilmun, we also recognize that the farm needs a fully functional vegetable processing area to keep up with its growth in production. This growth has allowed Dilmun to engage with various organizations on campus, and begets an office space for the managers to further communication outside the farm. Greater room for vegetable storage is also quickly becoming a requirement.

The barn will be constructed in phases, as we continue to meet our fundraising goals. To read about our goals and how to support the project, check out our SUPPORT page, or donate directly through our CORNELL GIVING ACCOUNT.

Ultimately, the barn will be a 2,000 square foot structure. The new barn will provide storage for hand tools, machines, and other equipment, and also space for workshops, instructional labs, and vegetable processing for Dilmun’s 40 share CSA.

The final phase of the project will implement solar power to meet the energy needs of the barn, in addition to the installation of a student-designed rainwater collection system to capture runoff from the roof.


Diagrams showing structure, enclosure, and circulation in the barn.

Spatial Relationships

Functions, public and private spaces, and phases of the design.


Floor plans depicting how the new barn spaces will be used during different phases of the project’s completion.

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