We are HALF way through our crowdfunding campaign!

With 15 days down and 15 to go, we have raised 71% of our goal. With the support and engagement of staff, Dilmun Alumni, and family, we have made enormous strides towards our goal.

William Lim is a Cornell Alumni who received a bachelor of architecture in 1981, and master of architecture and minor in photography in 1982 from Cornell University.  Lim made a very generous donation in honor of Architecture professor, Arthur Ovaska, who just recently passed away. Ovaska worked in the Cornell Architecture department for over three decades, impacting generations of students.

Ovaska was one of the many names recognized through donations. We are honored and truly humbled to bring the barn to life with so much heart and care behind us.

We need YOUR help to raise the remaining $2,125 dollars. Keep spreading the word!       We hope to engage all those whose values align with the Dilmun mission of environmentally friendly design, food accessibility, and sustainable agriculture.

Please help share our story.


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