NOW RECRUITING: Crowdfunding Ambassadors

April 10th marks the launch of our 30 day crowdfunding campaign

Starting on April 10th our team’s goal is to raise $7500. Our one-month long crowdfunding campaign will allow the broader community, Cornell faculty and students, and all those whose passions align with the Dilmun Hill principles, to have a monetary role in the  creation of our project. Cornell Crowdfunding is a platform that allows Cornell organizations to collect funds for their projects. They stand by the ideal of making big impacts through small projects, and all of the donations that we raise during our campaign will go directly towards the barn project.

We are Looking for  Crowdfunding Ambassadors to help lead the campaign

To help our campaign come to full fruition, we are recruiting Crowdfunding Ambassadors. This short term leadership role will allow for experience in community outreach and fundraising techniques. With more hands and hearts behind the mission, we can surpass our starting goal of $7500. Ambassadors serve a meaningful role in the overall mission by expanding outreach and keeping the team on track to achieving short-term monetary objectives and ultimately the long-term project completion.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a Crowdfunding Ambassador for the Dilmun Hill Barn Project?

Attend our information session this Wednesday March 7th at 4:30 in Mann 102.

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