Spring Recruitment

Help us seize the potential for growth!

A new semester (and a new year) is upon us. In 2018, we plan to see Phase I of the barn’s structure take form and passive systems such as solar panels and a rainwater collection system become a reality.

The continuation of our research and preparations to break ground this summer demands the aid of anyone whose interests align with the Dilmun Hill Barn Project’s mission to build a barn that embodies the future of sustainable design and agriculture. This may include but is not limited to passionate: engineers, designers, architects, environmental scientists, and urban planners.

We are now recruiting students who have experience or are looking to expand their practice in passive systems design, marketing, and fundraising (reaching out to local companies and potential sponsors).

This semester we are planning to focus on research, design, and the integration of passive systems with Phases I and II of the project, while keeping our sights set on the long term goal of developing an education space in the barn. The diverse layers of our project allow for students of every major to have a meaningful impact.

Interested in getting involved? 

Email Alena Hutchinson (amh345@cornell.edu)

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