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The Cornell University Library’s DH Collaborative is a cross-departmental group created to support and promote the use of digital technologies in scholarly communication, research, and exploration. Our aim is to help build a digital humanities community that is energetic, inclusive, intellectually substantive, and richly interconnected with the scholarly cultures and excellent services that already exist at Cornell University.

We support, inspire, and advance the innovative use of digital scholarship at Cornell University by helping people make connections:

  • to information
  • to tools and tutorials
  • to educational programs
  • to services, consultation, or advice on specific issues
  • to spaces for exploration and experimentation
  • to potential collaborators (expert or novice)
  • to ongoing digital projects at CU
  • to groundbreaking ideas and initiatives, at CU and beyond, from the practical to the visionary
  • to new ways of imagining, practicing, and sharing humanities scholarship

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