The focus of this project is to develop a master plan and needs assessment for the recently purchased Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC) property. As a post-resettlement community organization, MUCC works to fill the gaps in services provided to refugees. MUCC’s mission is to foster inclusive community participation by providing an environmentally-sound facility for arts, recreation, celebration, and locally-based human services in order to increase opportunities for personal and collective growth in our community.

The site, 40 Faxton Street, is formerly All Saints Episcopal Church. Although MUCC has been using the space for last three years, the organization purchased the property this last year and can now begin physical work on the property. We hope to produce a master plan which includes all the vast and diverse groups that call Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC) home—incorporating space which serves many different areas from civic to religious and everything in between.

Contact Anna Callahan,, with questions and interest in the project!

Meet our Team:

Left to Right: Back: Carolyn Gimbal, Chris Sunderlin (MUCC Executive Director), Claire Meyer, Anna Callahan (Team Project Manager), Jet Li (MUCC-ster), Chloe Rippe

Front: Sena Kayasu, Moo K’paw (MUCC-ster), Najila Ahsan, Lama Shehadah, Shalomo Thin (MUCC-ster), Kyaw Su Paung (MUCC-ster)

Not Pictured: Ranissa Adityavarman, Richa Gupta, and Hannah Plummer