The Hamilton Partnership for Community Development (also known as PCD) is partnering with Design Connect to design and update their signage system along their 7 mile long bike trail, also known as the Chenango Canal Towpath Trail. The towpath was first opened as a recreational trail in 2009, after its long abandonment as a path used by vehicles and animals that towed the boats through the Chenango canal. The PCD’s aim is to create a trail that promotes the organization’s brand and which gives the users a unique experience that guides visitors to other tourist destination around the region.

The Towpath has previously been worked on by another group of students at Cornell, in a class instructed by Professor George Frantz. During that semester, the team worked on redesigning the actual path into something more user and tourist friendly. While these proposed improvements have not yet been implemented, the PCD eventually hopes to use these suggestions to eventually redevelop the trail. The current Design Connect team’s assigned task is to mainly focus on branding the new trail through an advanced signage system. The project manager who is in charge of the project is Osamu Tsuda, a senior in URS.