Town of Geneva

Transportation Analysis

Project Description: In February 2014 a new multi-building residential development (Town Side at Pre-Emption) obtained site plan approval in the Town of Geneva. Its plan includes an internal sidewalk network but there are no external sidewalks or biking paths to which it will connect. The development is in an area where significant pedestrian activity currently occurs on the highways. Town Side residents and other residents in this project area may benefit from being able to walk to nearby shopping and services.

Project Goals: There are two goals for the project. The first is demonstrating the issues involved in providing effective and safe, nonautomotive pathways in areas of the Town where such options were not anticipated previously. The second is a design recommendation for this specific site at a presentation to the Town’s Plan Committee: a narrative addressing the routes people will seek whether sidewalks exist or not, a proposed layout for a multi-modal plan, and visual representations of its implementation. The intention is that these deliverables will support discussions with the public and developers about both the general issue of alternatives to vehicular transportation and the specific possibilities of this project.

Town of Geneva

Meet the Team:

Project Manager:

Thaddeus Bell (MRP & Baker 2016)

Team Members:

Lindsay Johnson (MRP 2015)

Hilary Dowden (MRP 2015)

Robert Hanifin (MRP 2015)

Brooke Shin (URS 2017)

Qing Wen (URS 2016)

Rachel Evarts (URS 2016)

Brendan Goodrich (B.Psych 2015)

Zoe Maisel (CEE 2018)