Town of Seneca Falls

Waterfront Enhancement Project

Project Description: The Seneca Falls Waterfront Enhancement project has been initiated at the request of the Seneca Falls Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, Jim Spina. The project seeks to develop a plan for revitalizing the Water Street area known as PeopleÊs Park, including a historic bandstand and its adjacent parking area. The 1924 bandstand, a contributing structure in the Seneca Falls Village Historic District, is a target of regularly occurring vandalism in spite of being relocated to this highly trafficked and visible waterfront park in 1984.

Project Goals:

1. Bandstand rehabilitation plan sensitive to its historic integrity while minimizing vandalism.

2. Landscaping plan for the park and parking area embankment.

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Project Manager:

Mujahid Powell


Kate Chen

Ehab Ebeid

Valerie Green

Boyao Jiang

Matthew Robinson

Chenglong Zhao