Town of Orange

Reuse Proposals for Camp Monterey

Proposal #1: Senior Living Center

Senior Living Site Plan

Proposal #2: Lodge & Brewery

Lodge Site Plan

The reuse proposals for Camp MoCamp Montereynterey hopes to attract investors and developers to take advantage of the facilities of the former incarceration correctional center while helping to secure benefits for the surrounding community, the Town of Orange. Design Connect was first contacted by Judy Cherry, the executive director of Schuyler County Partnership for Economic Development or SCOPED, to come up with reuse proposals for Camp Monterey. This site, which was closed last July 2014, is important to the Town of Orange since it was a valuable resource for the community. The correctional facility provided them jobs, while the inmates provided community service.

Our team’s work was primarily divided into three parts: research, community outreach, and design. During our research, we studied the history and existing context of the site, the demographics of the Town of Orange, and some precedents of the adaptive reuse of prisons. From this, we came up with four general use themes for the site: educational, light industrial, and recreation. Our community meetings confirmed our research and helped narrow down our efforts to concentrate on a lodge and brewery since this use resonated with the community. As alternatives, we also proposed a senior living center, a small manufacturing facility, and a rehabilitation center.

Lodge and BreweryMoving forward, our team hopes that our efforts inspire continued community involvement with the future of Camp Monterey and to negotiate benefits for the Town of Orange. This is why our proposals include provision of community spaces such as helipad access for emergencies, potential town office space, and a community store.


Community Meetings:


CommunityMeeting2 CommunityMeeting3

Courtyard Before: 
Courtyard Before

Courtyard After (Rendering):
courtyard after

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Project Manager:

Gabriel Halili (MRP 2015)

Team Members:

Beatrice Goh (B.Arch 2017)

Daniel Villegas Cruz (B.Arch 2018)

Daphany Shen (B.Arch 2017)

Elizabeth Kancilia (MRP 2016)

Emily Mendelsohn (BS Chemical Engineering 2017)

Melissa Strelec (MRP 2016)

Natalie Mufson (URS 2017)

Thaddeus Bell (MRP & Real Estate 2016)

Zeynep Göksel (MRP 2016)