On Wednesday, March 11th, the Camp Columbus Design Connect team hosted a community meeting in Auburn, NY. Mozaic staff, Camp Columbus staff, neighbors, and campers were all in attendance. An initial presentation set the ground rules of the meeting, introduced the Design Connect team with the present community members, and described our work to date.
Common areas of interest emerged from the design connect team after our initial site visit with Camp Columbus and Mozaic staff: A sensory trail, a new playground, a multi-functional storage use system, an entranceway, building layout reconsideration, and a wedding venue. Based on the site analysis and camp needs, designs were crafted.
Once the presentation commenced, the community meeting acted in an open house style format where attendees could move freely around the room to various stations to see these initial designs while enjoying refreshments. Thank you so much to everyone in attendance at our Camp Columbus community meeting. The feedback received guided us tremendously and we are now in our final stages of design.