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12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Noelle

    Hi David

    I am currently a junior. I have already taken the initiative in planning for my future. And, I’ve come to realize that I really want to go to Cornell. No Kidding! My only worry is that I feel like my grades aren’t that good, and my extracurricular activities are really not that great either. I’m in a softball team. I’ve been in select choir for about 4 years already. I’m in my school’s Microcredits group: Media committee as well as Liaison. I’ve participated in my school’s speech contest, and won 3rd place. And, as far as community service goes, I volunteer weekly at a nursing home in my neighborhood. I’m also working on starting my own debate team (first in our school). I know it’s not much. Please… I really need some guidance. What else should I do?

    P.S. I love your blog.

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  3. Aurora Taylor

    Hey David,
    I just want to say wow. You are a seriously great writer. I’m only a 9th grader, but Cornell is my dream school and reading your blog made my passion for this school get even bigger, if at all possible. I was wondering about sports at your school. What would you say is the biggest sport that you as a school pride yourself in? I was reasearching Notre Dame and found that they have a rockin’ Football team, as well as a lesser known swim team. Does Cornell really do sports? Thanks. You’re awesome.

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  11. Ira Silver

    Cornell’s a good school. My wife went there, and is now thinking about going back. Just checking out some of your stuff. I’m now blogging finance, it’s hard sometimes to keep it consistent. Keep up the good work in Ithaca 🙂


  12. DLTT10

    I intend to apply to Human Ecology College this year and my school does not require SAT II scores. However, I have already taken several tests and one of the scores is bad. Do I have to submit all of my SAT II scores to the school I am applying to?

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