Daily Archives: May 19, 2014

Let Senior Days Begin!

So, my Cornell academic career may have ended when I turned in my final paper on May 15…but that doesn’t mean I’m outta here just yet. Today is Monday, and graduation activities for me start next Friday night when my family arrives in Ithaca. Most of the seniors I know have already finished their work and are celebrating, but officially,Cornell Senior Days 2014 the final exam period ends tomorrow. I’ll be proctoring an exam on the 20th, and  I do feel bad for seniors that couldn’t fully celebrate last weekend due to unlucky exam timing.

For those not in the know, seniors have a few days before graduation called Senior Days, filled with events and activities to celebrate our time together. I’m looking forward to a boat cruise and a brunch–as well as maybe an impromptu wine tour or other types of get-togethers–before next weekend’s march to Schoellkopf in graduation regalia.artsquad03

As I am completely done and thus have no work to do this weekend, here’s a random list of things on my mind at this unique time in my life:

  • Earlier in the semester, I had the choice of taking Introduction to Wines and Vines for a grade, or S-U (similar to pass/fail). I figured that it would be a better move to take it S-U as my schedule was already pretty heavy for a final semester…and now I’m realizing that I’d have probably received an ‘A’ in it. Darn.
  • A common theme I hear among friends and fellow seniors is “I don’t wanna graduate.” My response: that’s a good thing, because you can rest easy knowing you made a good college choice and it’s all been worthwhile.  On the other hand, to those who say they can’t wait to get out of here…at IMG_3379-2least you’re almost there.
  • Cornell Dairy is open and well worth the trip to Stocking to get there. I’d recommend whatever I got but the name of it completely slipped my mind…it had “Big Red” in the name though. Here was a picture of it if it helps.
  • Shoutout to the girl in a completely different major that was in one of my first classes as a freshman, and was in my last class as a senior–I didn’t see you at all in those 6 semesters in between, but it was nice sandwiching my college career with you.
  • Things I’ve already picked up: Cornell yearbook, honor cords. Things I don’t think people actually pick up: Class rings, and stationery announcing my graduation (I might be wrong on this one). Thing I should probably pick up sooner than later: My diploma frame.
  • I posted a picture on Facebook that seemed to get attention, so I might as well post it here too: this is what happens when the University shortens the pre-finals study period, then opens the library as late as 10am on a Sunday. As I mentioned, I’ve never seen anything like this at any Black Friday event I’ve been to…there were crowds actually waiting to storm into the library before it opens, in order to get first dibs on seats:

2So that about wraps up how I’m feeling/what I’m thinking going into Senior Week Days. Alumni, feel free to get in touch with any pre-graduation suggestions or ideas!