Cornell Plantations: How Have I NEVER Been Here Before?

As a second semester senior, I like to think that I know my way around the campus like the back of my hand. But, I gotta admit, this semester has still been a learning experience! First, in late January, I didn’t know where my AEM strategy course was held–as I wasn’t familiar with Corson-Mudd Hall. And, most recently (with regards to my experience Sunday), I learned something new as well.cgardens03

Namely, last weekend I explored, in-depth, the Cornell Plantations!

For those that aren’t acutely familiar with the property, here’s the run-down. Cornell owns acres of botanical gardens on the east side of campus, with a specialty in native species to the state–and it is an absolutely beautiful area. There are ponds, woods, and all sorts of other natural features, and it is definitely a tourist attraction. Plus, as part of Cornell’s land grant mission, Cornell Plantations has a commitment to cultivation, preservation, and conservation.

As it was really nice out, my friend and I decided that visiting the property would be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and definitely a great alternative to going to an indoors gym.plantations

I can’t exactly recall the exact path we took, as we were basically meandering–and we had to ask 2-3 people how to get to where we wanted to be. But I can say that we saw this awesome pond with a wooden deck on it (see photo) and I hit a really loud bell at the top of some lookout. Here’s a picture of me as we hit our destination, courtesy of my friend–all other pics were taken from (Please excuse the Chipotle t-shirt I was wearing.)


In all honesty, I’m ashamed that I haven’t been here earlier. The Plantations are highly-renowned, and look like a great place to explore even further. It also makes me understand the advice that many have told me–that plantations-1spending a summer in Ithaca is a really positive experience. Exploring the region’s beauty in this amazing weather, the picturesque views have admittedly made me proud to call central New York my “other” home for the last 4 years. As I graduate in May, I think this was my last frontier, if you will, of the campus to explore; I think I’ve covered most everything else that I need to see. I also figured this would be an appropriate thing to write about on Earth Day, so there’s that…

I can’t believe it’s almost May!

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