Things I (May Not) Miss: Ithaca Weather

I don’t think I’ve ever written a post this short in my 4 years as a Cornell blogger. But, sometimes, to get a point across, pictures work so much better than words. This, my friends, is mid-April. In Ithaca. (Taken from the Statler Library, where I’m working on a business ethics paper, and where everyone seems to be staring outside.) Full context: It was t-shirt and shorts weather yesterday…

InstagramAnd here was a picture I posted on Facebook on April 23 of my sophomore year:


So, prospective students, Cornell offers an amazing college experience and unlimited opportunities…but know what you’re getting into with the weather.

One thought on “Things I (May Not) Miss: Ithaca Weather

  1. Erik MacDonald

    I grew up in Ithaca and went to Cornell UG (’83). Looks like one thing hasn’t changed – the dismal weather! These pictures could be from any of the 20-odd Aprils I was there.

    Love your blog though…

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