Using the “Secret” Tunnel

I’m just throwing this out there: Cornell’s campus is pretty big (it has its own zip code, after all!). This means that, unless you’ve spent many years on this campus, it seems like there’s always a new eatery to try (my new favorite is the Big Red Barn), study spot to utilize (Hotelie library), or a new path to discover.

In these cold months, when I’m stuck in Warren Hall or Mann Library between classes and don’t want to go outside to get something to eat, I can tell you that I’ve found one route to Synapsis Café (at right) that’s saved me from having to brave Ithaca’s chilly winters: the Plant Sciences–Weill Tunnel.

So let’s set the scene:

It’s 11am on a Tuesday, and after getting out of AEM 4160: Strategic Pricing, I’m killing time on Facebook in Mann. It’s 15 degrees out with bitter winds, and my next class, International Trade, doesn’t start until 11:40. Suddenly my stomach growls as I realize that the last thing I put in my stomach was a Twix bar the night before, but I don’t want to go outside. Manndibles isn’t an option since I want to use BRB’s. What do I do??

Go to the basement floor of the Plant Sciences building and use this tunnel:

While the path was originally constructed to transport specimens to and from the two scientific buildings, from what I’ve understood, it’s not closed by any means to students. Fun fact: you can hear echoes very easily with any noise you produce. While I’m not going to venture into providing directions here–there are a few odd turns you have to take–know that if you see a corner (jokingly?) labelled “Hollywood and Vine” in the basement of Weill Hall you’re in the semi-right area.

I remember 4 years ago, when I was a high school junior, I toured Northeastern University and the tour guide bragged about the complex underground tunnel system they have that connects many buildings–and is useful during those chilly months. While this sole tunnel isn’t as extensive, I’m glad I finally found one at Cornell!

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