I can’t believe this.

I like to think I’m a pretty responsible person when it comes to my personal belongings. I never leave my valuables alone (yes, I often carry my laptop to the bathroom area when I’m in the library), constantly check my pockets for my keys, and always make an effort to double-check my eating area, study space, and lecture hall seat before I get up and leave.

Yet, somehow, last week during my crazy exam period, I managed to lose my drawstring bag that had almost $400 of textbooks in it. When I got back to my room at night and realized that I had the bag with me at the beginning of the day–and remembered what the contents inside were–I had that awful heart-racing, pit-in-the-stomach feeling.

Determined to figure out where I left it, I immediately set out to try and find it–that basically took over as my priority for the day.

I probably hit up every lost and found on campus–Mann Library’s, AEM’s, my building’s, etc. Nada. But I do keep getting pity “awww’s” from the people that man the lost and found area at each location…

It’s just a shame, because I try to save money whenever I can as a college student. I’ll get the smaller soda at Trillium, buy snacks in bulk, etc. Then, something like this happens, which wipes out all my savings.

My friend was nice enough to sell me one textbook he had previously for not too steep a price, which was nice. Regarding another textbook I lost, I realized that the book itself came with a code to access it online…which I still had. So, I’m not completely out of luck…but it’s still a pretty big downer.

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