Experiencing Life in Corporate America

Because last summer was spent volunteering/tutoring in my hometown, my marketing position this summer has been my first “real” internship experience. It’s at Cigna Healthcare in Bloomfield, CT–and it’s definitely been a good time. Coming straight from my erratic schedule in college, where 2 hour mid-day breaks and nighttime classes have been the norm, it was originally odd to don a briefcase, button-down shirt and khakis and spend the day in a cubicle staring at a computer screen. Now, a few weeks in, I’m used to it and find myself very comfortable in my position, where I’m editing documents, making spreadsheets, and updating websites.

It’s been a great experience. Everyone is friendly to the interns, and I’m not in a position where I’m getting coffee. I’m on conference calls discussing web strategy, I send emails with a fancy signature, and I swipe into the building that holds thousands of people using an ID card with my picture on it. Yes, office watercoolers do exist, but no, they’re not the hub of conversation that I’d thought they’d be.

Various other thoughts:

  • While I’m liking my job, I’ve realized that I’m not going to take my 2 years left of college for granted. I’m happy to put off a few years before I get into the 9-to-5 workday routine for the rest of my life.
  • It seems like everyone knows someone that went to Cornell. That’s probably an odd observation to make, but every time someone asks my school, I seemingly always get a response like “oh, my _____ went there!”
  • Casual Friday does not mean shorts, even if you’re wearing a dressy shirt! Though I didn’t offend anyone, the woman who hired me made fun of me, in good spirits, all day for my “intern move” (Let’s chalk this one up to experience, as I’ll vow to never make that mistake for the rest of my professional career.)
  • “Reply All” is a dangerous tool. I haven’t been burned personally, but I’ve been told horror stories at the office.
I can’t believe how fast the summer is going! It’s bizarre–because I’ve completed an internal transfer to the Dyson School, I feel like I’m going to a new college next fall in some ways. However, because I pre-enrolled in classes last spring for junior year in Arts and Sciences, I’m only enrolled in 1 out of the 5 classes I need to take next fall. Pray for me during the online add/drop period, everyone…

2 thoughts on “Experiencing Life in Corporate America

  1. Pat

    Welcome to the world of work! No surprise you ‘kids’ don’t know about the pitfalls of reply all since email is rarely used anymore with FB etc. But it’s still the preferred method of communication at work, particularly old-school corporations.

  2. Amanda

    The work force is a lot different then most young people think. The freedoms and schedules they have when in high school and college change a lot. You go from having the summer and winter break off to only having 1 to 3 weeks per year of off time.

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