Maybe the BEST Cornell class EVER?!

As classes started 2 weeks ago, it’s safe to say that the spring semester’s in full swing. I am back, (somewhat) re-energized from break, and have already felt the work piling on.

What’s been my favorite class so far this semester?

AMST 2001: The First American University! It’s a one credit class that discusses the history of Cornell, from its beginnings as a land-grant college under the Morrill Act to current day student life. It meets in Uris Auditorium on Monday nights, and is taught by Cornell aficionado Corey Ryan Earle ’07. To say that this class is a blast is an understatement–Corey is incredibly enthusiastic about Cornell’s history, and his excitement towards the material is passed over to us. He cracks jokes, the audience cheers and boos (particularly when the H-bomb is mentioned), and it’s overall a great time.

I’ve learned a ton of cool facts about Cornell. Who knew, for example, that Ezra helped to invent the telegraph…and there’s a often-missed telegraph depicted behind the Cornell statue?

Plus, it’s awesome to learn about the people behind the building names on campus–now, when I walk by McGraw, Sibley or Warren I’ll know just what each of their contributions to Cornell were. The course should totally be required for all students to graduate; it really has instilled a sense of Cornellian pride in me.

Another cool part? We’re encouraged to live-tweet the lectures with the hash-tag #amst2001–so if you log into Twitter on Monday nights and look for ’em, chances are you’ll learn quite a bit about Cornell.

The readings are interesting (see last year’s syllabus here), the course is fun, and there are a ton of familiar faces taking the course. What else could you ask for out of a class?

A sampling of tweets with the #amst2001 hashtag

Happy Wednesday!

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