Cornell is Expanding…


Yep, that’s what was officially announced Monday by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, standing alongside President Skorton at Cornell’s Medical School in Manhattan.  This has been a long time coming: the city held a contest to see who could put together the best proposal for some undeveloped Roosevelt Island space, and Big Red–partnered with the Israeli Technion University–won it. Admittedly, I don’t know 100% of the details so I’ll let you read all about it here.

For me, this almost sounds like a dream come true. As an aspiring businessman with a keen interest in technology–hence my minor in Information Science–I think this news could only be beneficial. I’ll admit that I’ve always been drawn to Silicon Valley due to its legendary “tech start-up” vibe…but if this campus fosters the same entrepreneurial vibe in NYC, maybe I won’t have to leave for the West Coast after all. (I know you’re happy to hear that, mom.)

Watching Bloomberg unveil the news online was really exciting. Cornell set up a live stream of the event on Facebook, so you could not only see the number of people watching (I think 5,500 was the peak), but you could chat with them too. Here’s a screenshot:

So…yeah. While this is phenomenal news for Cornell, Technion, and New York City, it’s also awesome for everyone else because the innovative tech products that will arise from the campus will benefit us all.

And now for a few one-liners about the new campus:

  • Does this mean all Manhattan residents will now be called ‘townies’ too?*
  • Will all New York City restaurants start taking Big Red Bucks?
  • TCAT water taxis to Roosevelt Island, anyone?
  • I’m so glad to hear that, in Bloomberg’s competition, the Big Red Bear beat out the Stanford…tree? Seriously? No wonder they wanted to branch out to the East Coast.
  • Who’s up for a campus-to-campus plane from the Technion to NYC?*
  • Forget the tech campus–Bloomberg, can we build a Wegmans there instead?
*These two I stole from witty commenters on the Cornell streaming event chat. I’m not going to take the credit for ’em. If you hear/think of any other good one-liners, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

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