People can be awesome!

Here’s my story of the day:

It was 6:30pm, and I had just gotten out of a 90 minute programming help session on the engineering quad. My eyes were sore, and I was tired and frustrated (because I can’t, for the life of me, understand PHP). As I was strolling back to the comfort of the Alice Cook House in the dark, I pulled out my lanyard, and, low and behold…look what I saw (or, perhaps, didn’t see):

2 (1632×1224)Yes, I realized my Cornell ID was missing. The second I saw it was gone, every four letter expletive passed through my mind…because the Cornell ID card is EVERYTHING to students. Almost literally. bingIt’s what gets you into your building, allows you to get food/mail, and is sometimes required to show at exams.

So, naturally, I freaked out. I frantically retraced my steps along the engineering quad, scrounging through the grass trying to spot the card. I ranted to my friends in a stressed out state. I googled “lost cornell id” to learn of the costly consequences of replacement.

All of this stress came to a halt when I got this email:

idI was in shock. Here I was, thinking that someone would take my ID and go crazy charging things to my CornellCard account…but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The first thing that came to mind was the idea of karma; last year, I found a credit card in Trillium dining hall, emailed the cardholder, and met up with her to give it back…I guess what goes around really does come around.

I just came back from getting my card, and the woman couldn’t have been any nicer. We actually chatted for a bit before she had to resume her studying.

Moral of the story? Be proactive, and act like that nice person who spotted an ID on the ground and contacted the owner. You’ll really, really make someone’s day.

5 thoughts on “People can be awesome!

  1. Paper Accountant

    Nice post. we were on the same boat when i was learning PHP. at first it was very difficult but after few years its still difficult hahaha. you must first learn the basics of HTML before you can move to PHP programming.

  2. buy book report

    The same story. I have some troubles with PHP too. as for the post, it’s nice that there are still so many good people who cares about your loss. It’s nice to hear that you received it back! So keep beeing proactive!

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