Getting Lost!

This is embarrassing.

Getting lost around campus or in a building is acceptable, say, your first semester of college. Maybe it’s okay if you’ve only been at the school for one year, tops. But losing your way as a sophomore, when you’re weathered, knowledgeable and experienced? Nahh, that shouldn’t happen! That’s why my experience today was just downright awful.

Here’s the story:

So it’s around 3 in the afternoon, and I had just conducted an interview for my business frat. After having three 75 minute classes today I was hungry, tired, and looking to get off of my feet to recharge. As I was on the agriculture quad, I figured Martha’s wouldMarthas2_2 be a great place to go as they have the best damn corned beef sandwich in all of Tompkins County…so I walked over to the Human Ecology building, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall thinking it would be a breeze getting there. Nu-uh; after walking into MVR’s front doors and passing assorted offices, I got sidetracked and started strolling down hallways. Luckily, I spotted a sign for Martha’s, and found the eatery (which unfortunately  had just closed…so no corned beef for me).


Here’s where the fun starts.

Okay, I figure, I’ll just leave the building and find another place to eat. I don’t remember exactly what happened at that point, but I rememberThe new Human Ecology Building, HEB, Cornell walking up some stairs, which essentially turned into a long hallway, which turned into another long hallway. Soon enough, I had absolutely no idea where I was. I remember passing the DEA department office (Design and Environmental Analysis) a few times, then found myself walking through three different courtyards (I didn’t even know HumEc had that many!). Mayhem ensued as I tried to find for exits where there weren’t any, and actually found long hallways which appeared out of nowhere. I believe along the way, I accidentally toured the new Human Ecology building too. It’s a nice place, but I’m sure I would have appreciated it more had I actually known where I was headed.

Here’s a map of the route I believe I took:

Cornell University - Maps - Campus Map…but here’s a rendition of what it felt like as I was walking:

PhotoshopAnd so ends the saga of me getting lost in the Human Ecology building complex.

4 thoughts on “Getting Lost!

  1. Aurora

    Tears were coming down my face. You’re a very talented writer, and (random fact, in case you were wondering) my personal favorite thing about your blog are your relatable pictures; complete with big red arrows and cut and pastes of your face in a pac-man maze. (:

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