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My “Major” Problem

“Hey! What’s your name?”


“What college are you in?”

“Arts and Sciences.”

“…and what are you majoring in?”

“Well…um…uh…you see…”

And that’s how the majority of my first conversations with people go here. I know what some of you are thinking– “you’re a FRESHMAN! You shouldn’t have to worry about these sort of things just yet!”

Majors in the college of arts and sciences

Well, that’s not entirely true. I like technology, right? So say I wanted to major in Information Science. According to this page, I’d need to take 4 pre-selected courses to be admitted to the major when everyone else is, at the end of sophomore year. So it’s definitely something I need to be thinking about, because I should be starting to think about my curriculum for next fall already!

So what am I thinking of so far major-wise, and why?

  • Information Science-I love technology, but I’m not into hard-core programming; I’m more interested in the way computers are used. This seems like a viable option…although looking over the requirements there still seems to be a good amount of really math-y requirements (i.e. linear algebra, etc.)
  • Economics-I know I want to go into business, but I’m in the liberal arts college. So economics seems like the logical choice…right? Well, yeah…I took introductory macroeconomics and liked the class, but I’m not so sure I’d like the higher level classes where you have to look at crazy curves (as exemplified below). You’d give me half credit if you were a professor…right?

oc0.gif (468×480)

  • Sociology-I’m taking introduction to sociology now, and it seems really interesting so far. Plus, if I reeally like business, there’s an optional concentration in the major entitled “Business, Networks, and Institutions.” That could be interesting…but as of now it’s too early to tell.
  • Français/Chinese (Zhongwen)-Ah oui, j’adore le français! Wo hen xihuan xue Zhongwen! I do like French and Chinese a lot, and am on my second French class now at Cornell, but I’m not quite sure if I’d want to specialize in it the next 3 years. As far as Chinese, I took it for 3 years in high school and like it a lot, but same thing: do I want that to be my primary specialization for undergrad? (I’m not doubting it, I’m just genuinely unsure!)
Here I am in Tiananmen Square...is this a sign I should major in Chinese?

Here I am in Tiananmen Square...is this a sign I should major in Chinese?

  • Switch colleges (at Cornell)? Hmm, this is an option that’s definitely in the back of my mind…but I don’t think it will ever come to fruition. I like Arts and Sciences a lot, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been interested in the Dyson School for Applied Economics and Management or the Hotel School.
  • Minors- The Policy Analysis and Management program at Cornell offers a minor that could be really interesting (and business related). Maybe that’s worth checking out too.

So, to sum it up:

I have no clue whatsoever.

Ideas? Suggestions? Want to send me food but need my address? Feel free to get in touch.

Have a good week!