Vacationing away…

College vacation: Where waking up to the 5pm news, lounging around in a Snuggie, and watching absurd amounts of television are entirely the norm (apparently Oprah Winfrey is starting a television network?! I missed the boat on that one). It’s definitely a great break from college and all its pressures, but the magic of home does begin to wear off. 6 months after leaving in August, the town is the same, my desk chair is as creaky as it’s always been, and I still misplace the cable remote.

I just came back yesterday from a nice family trip to Delray Beach, Florida. We had headed down a week ago just to get out of the cold weather, only to find that it was still chilly in the sunshine state! It didn’t stop us though; we donned our sweatshirts and headed to the beach.

Cornell's Arts Quad in the Winter--nah, just kidding, the Florida beaches

Cornell's Arts Quad in the Winter--nah, just kidding, the Florida beaches

The vacation was interesting in a lot of ways. What was most fascinating was that, even though I had basically been away at college for a semester, when I returned the family dynamic had remained virtually unchanged. I still fought my sister for the shotgun seat in the rental car, and still was nagged at by my mom for forgetting to put my napkin on my lap at fancy restaurants.

I still have a couple of weeks to go before I head back to Ithaca, and I have to say that it’s stressing me out that I’m still relatively uncertain of the classes that I’ll be taking in a couple weeks. The size of the College of Arts and Sciences is a mixed blessing to me–as much as I love being able to take classes on practically anything and be taught by leaders in the field, it’s stressful to create a schedule. Case in point: I was browsing the Courses of Study book the other day and realized that I should pick up another class next semester. GREAT! What should I take? Everything from African Cultures and Civilizations, to Oceanography, to the History of Rock Music interests me. Not to mention that I could take classes in other colleges, like Introduction to Business Management or Visual Communication in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It’s only freshman year, so I only need to be mildly considering filling distribution requirements. How the heck am I supposed to choose?!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Vacationing away…

  1. Carol

    The classes you mention all sound compelling, and I agree that figuring out which classes to take is the challenging cornerstone of the college experience. Aside from time and location, I think it’s best to research the reputation of professors and class size: A highly rated, widely regarded teacher in a seminar size class will make any subject fascinating and memorable!

  2. Hannah

    Hey David! Glad you are having a nice break. I just wanted to chime in and mention that I took History of Rock during my senior year, and it was an excellent class – interesting material, thoughtfully taught, with a really dedicated and approachable course staff. If you have time to take it I’d highly recommend it!

    Don’t forget to check Rate My Professors and CourseRank for students’ takes on classes and profs. The A&S course availability is definitely overwhelming so those sites can help you narrow it down a bit. Happy new year!

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