Daily Archives: December 17, 2010

And just like that…

…I am done.

Yep, that’s right–I finished my last exam at 9:30 pm on Wednesday (the whole idea of night exams still boggles my mind) and immediately after met my cousin and mom in front of the Statler, who were excitedly awaiting the end of my first semester.

Math 1105 Fall 2010

After exchanging the emotional hello’s and congratulatory remarks, we headed back to my dorm to pack everything up. I tossed all my clothes into bags, packed away everything else I’d need for a month at home, signed out of the dorm for the fall semester and said bye to Donlon for 2010.

Because I had packed up all my bedsheets and everything, we spent the night at the Holiday Inn Ithaca–a clean and convenient hotel not too far from campus.

Aperture-3The next day, we thought that we’d get an early start back to Connecticut and get home while it’s still light out. Did that happen? Nope! It turns out that my mom and cousin wanted to check out Wegman’s supermarket (which, if you look at the comments from this post here, got some good praise wegmans_logofrom a couple readers). What was originally supposed to be a quick grocery run to pick up stuff we wouldn’t be able to find back home turned into a 2 hour expedition through the store, grabbing anything in sight that looked delicious. I also came to the sad realization, while wandering through the aisles, that I had been in Ithaca for almost half a year and did not yet own a classic green “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt–so, I picked one up and will gladly wear it around my hometown.

Ithaca is Gorges Fine Jersey T-shirt-Kelly

Seriously. I've heard it's a crime if you've lived in Ithaca for an extended period of time and don't own one of these.

Anyways, we did make it back home eventually. The long car ride was a good opportunity for me to brush up on my highway-driving skills, so I drove from Albany, New York back to Connecticut. Driving, I’ve realized, is much like riding a bike–even though I haven’t done it that often lately, you never really forget how to do it.

So…right now I’m sitting in the comfort of my own home at the kitchen table, writing out this blog post and looking forward to a very relaxing (and much needed!) break. I would say something along the lines of “see you in late January,” but, hell, I love this job too much so you’ll probably hear from me before then.

Happy holidays!