Daily Archives: December 14, 2010

An interesting story…

While I’m sitting here in the library procrastinating studying for my math exam tomorrow, let me get a mildly entertaining story off of my chest from last night:

Alright: you likely know the deal at this point in the game with exams. It’s finals week–a period of high stress and insane amounts of studying at any college, so to say that people are on their toes would be an understatement. Today, there are a lot of exams scheduled (including a couple 9 a.m. ones), so kids decided to go to bed relatively early last night.

So, Donlon was pretty quiet last night at about 3 a.m. The kids that had 9 am finals were out cold getting their zzz’s (does anyone actually use that phrase or did I make it up?), and I was just falling asleep.

Until the fire alarm went off.

Now, this is no quiet sound. Literally, you have to plug your ears or you hurt your eardrums–that loud.

Yes, that’s right–at about 3 am last night all 465 residents of Donlon had to ¬†awake from their slumber and walk outside in freezing temperatures, when a good portion of them had final exams in a couple hours. As we all crammed into the nearby Robert Purcell Community Center, you could tell that there was tension, anger, and fatigue in the air. Looking on Facebook at about 4 am, I saw a lot of Facebook statuses resembling “AHH I CAN’T GET BACK TO SLEEP AND HAVE A FINAL IN 4 HOURS AKLDJFGH.”

What was the cause of the fire alarm? Burned popcorn.

Let this be a lesson to you all: if you crave popcorn at 3 in the morning during finals week and live in a building with almost 500 other occupants, please know what you’re doing.

Alright, story time is over. Back to studying Markov chains. Oh, and sorry for the lack of pictures in this post–I really couldn’t take any shots of people looking tired and miserable in the cold without being that obnoxious kid.