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How am I doing?!

Now that the first semester has almost come to a close (!!!), I figure that now would be a great time to ask you, the beloved reader, for your comments on how I’m doing so far. Blogging, as I hadn’t originally realized, is a fairly difficult task because I’m basically talking my head off to each one of you, yet receive very little feedback on how I’m doing. According to my handy blogging software, I got about 100 visits to the blog yesterday  (99 of which were probably my parents), so I know my voice is somewhat getting heard throughout the blogosphere…

I received this one comment the other day:

As much as I love overarching recaps on life, it is of my experience that blogs are most successful when they are highly personalized. People like to hear about the little things that go on in your life, things that can and do happen only in your life. I guess what I’m saying is that in my opinion, I would be much more satisfied to see stuff that is more tailored to you.

Please don’t take this personally, I still enjoy your blog very much. It is very informative and enjoyable. Maybe I am just letting my personal preferences get in the way; I have also been reading another former Life on the Hill blog, and I couldn’t help but make the comparison in content http://blogs.cornell.edu/tim/.

Okay..I should probably stop now. Oh and don’t feel pressured or anything. Just voicing my opinion.

So I turn to you, my dear reader, for your feedback on how I’m doing thus far. Feel free to head over to my no-hassle contact page and tell me what you like and don’t like.

Among the things I’ve been curious to know:

  • Do the majority of you guys agree with the above comment? Meaning…should I focus more on things I’m doing on a daily basis, or things happening in my life as a whole?
  • When I answer questions submitted to me at the end of posts, do people find it useful or annoying?
  • PICTURES: Let’s face it…I use an inordinate amount of pictures in each post. Shall I cut back, or do you love my obnoxious pictures and arrows?

So, even if you have an inkling of a thought right now, let ‘er rip and let me know. I promise I won’t cry too hard if I receive critical advice. In the end, I really just want to make this blog the best it can be, but I can’t do it without your help! (Props to my high school writing teacher Miss B for the inspiration on the picture below, who would sneak it into the occasional PowerPoint…)

Let's help David out!

Let's help David out!