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Rallying to Restore Sanity (and meeting Stephen Colbert!)

Last weekend, I decided to join a group of kids from my dorm on a group trip to Washington D.C., to attend Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity. Motivated partly because I itch to get out of Ithaca every once in a while on the weekends, and partly because one of my good friends attends The George Washington University (yes, apparently “The” is extremely important in the title…I’ve been corrected more than once), I woke up at 3 am last Saturday and headed down to D.C. I mean, for $20 to head down to one of the most fascinating cities and participate in a well-publicized rally…it was a no-brainer to me!

Here’s a quick run-down on the purpose of the rally: basically, it was supposed to highlight and mock the extremist viewpoints and attitudes held by a small but vocal percentage of people in America. It tried to prove that we the people have more in common than we are different by mocking the stereotypical rally. Here are some of the funniest signs I noticed:




The actual rally itself I couldn’t see too much of, because there were SO MANY PEOPLE and it was MOBBED! Also, when I was trying to use my phone, I failed…because all the cell service went out as a result of an overload on the towers!

I was able to meet up with my GW friend Jared though, and–with me being the typical tourist and all–we decided to walk to the White House. Unfortunately, my job blogging for the Cornell website didn’t exactly jive with the Secret Service’s definition of “press clearance,” and I wasn’t allowed in the White House. It’s a shame, really…I know Obama is a huge Candid at Cornell fan. I would feel the need to identify myself in this photo, if I hadn’t dorkily been sporting my Cornell lanyard and ID around my neck.

Aperture-4I’m not sure if I’m committing Cornell sacrilege by saying this, but if anyone’s interested in the George Washington University, Jared has graciously offered to help out any prospective students of GW who might be reading this blog as well. He got a job in the admissions office there sorting files, etc. and could definitely be of help during this stressful time for seniors. Just send me a message if you wanna get in touch.

Maybe the most exciting part of the day was walking past the White House and seeing a black Escalade waiting outside a fancy building, and then suddenly seeing Stephen Colbert walking out and meeting him! Granted, we didn’t have a 30 minute philosophical discussion…but I was able to sneak in a few words.

Here’re some pictures:

Aperture-6Aperture-7Aperture-11So, the day was a lot of fun and I’m glad I went!

Expect another post soon–I’m on easy street academically until Thanksgiving break, as I’ve finished my last prelim and now I’m just waiting for finals in December!