Care Packages: Attention all Freshman Parents

Parents of freshmen, here’s a tip: if you want to make your college student happy–and I mean really make your kid happy–send them a care package at college with all kinds of good stuff. I’ve received some from some really great friends/family members, and let me tell you that there aren’t many things that can put a smile on my face after a day of studying better than a personal package.

What would constitute a good care package, you ask?

  • Make it personal–include a snippet of Fido’s hair to remind the freshman of his dog, or family pictures (the latter being probably a little less bizarre). In April, before my arrival, I read letters to parents from companies offering to send students pre-made care packages. I guess I could see how it’s probably a good idea for time-strapped parents…but honestly? It kind of lacks that homey touch.
  • Send what you know they love–if your son/daughter is a die-hard Crunch candy bar fan, do them the honor and send ’em up with a couple bars. Likewise, if they enjoy Chef Boyardee pasta or Juicyfruit gum…be sure to stock them up.
  • Sneak in what they need! If they’ve been complaining about chapped lips, a care package is the perfect opportunity to remedy the situation with Chapstick. Don’t be afraid to send up Band-Aids, Kleenex, thumbtacks, or the like.

Here are the two most recent care packages I’ve received; click to make them larger.

P1060638P1060640That’s about it for now. It is getting absolutely freezing in Ithaca–I’ve heard people (and read Facebook statuses) of people claiming they’ve seen snow already. As someone who absolutely detests the cold (hey…I was interested in University of Southern California and UMiami), I should be in for a pretty interesting experience during my first Ithaca winter. I’ll let you know.

Have a great weekend!

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