Random thoughts from being on the Hill almost a month

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve arrived in Ithaca! It’s definitely bittersweet–I miss my friends as much as I enjoy being here, meeting people, taking classes and being able to sleep in. The thing is, with this thing you kids call “technology,” it’s been incredibly easy to keep in touch with my friends at other colleges. One simple text or two can go a long way into making you feel at home…

I feel like I’ve said this a million times, but I love getting comments from people on my blog posts. Here’s a good one:

“After reading this post, I feel much better about college applications. Thank you so much for addressing top concerns in a senior’s life! This blog has helped me tremendously.”

Aww, thanks Cynthia! I’ve been having fun writing these posts, so I’m glad people are enjoying them.

Now, I have absolutely no rhyme and reason for the next couple of thoughts about freshman year; they just happened to pop into my mind. Here we go:

  • As far as dining goes on North Campus (where freshmen live), Appel Commons > Robert Purcell Community Center. It’s just plain happier and newer. I’ll happily make the trek from Donlon over there for lunch/dinner any day.
Appel Commons

Appel Commons

  • The word ‘Cornell’ looks really good on a sweatshirt. Seriously, it does. Nothing against any other school, but there’s something to be said about a nice red sweatshirt bearing Ezra’s name.

    Cornell Sweatshirt Zip Hooded Classic Red

    Gotta love the Cornell sweatshirts!

  • Man, you have to walk a lot here! I mean, I’d consider myself relatively in shape, but you definitely have to take a breather or two as you’re walking from North Campus down to classes in the Arts quad. I’ve heard the term “Cornell calves” used a couple times…there’s definitely a lot of opportunities to resist gaining the freshman 15 here.
  • I brought a TV up from home, and didn’t really want to pay DirecTV $30 a month…so I bought some cords to connect my MacBook Pro to the TV. That way I can stream Hulu and Netflix TV shows/movies for free (except having to worry about going over your alloted internet limit)
  • I can’t study in my room. It’s just impossible because everything is so distracting–and having Facebook up makes it all the much worse. Yeah, you’ll be chugging along just fine with your math problems…but the second that little red flag with the (1) comes up telling you that you’ve got a notification, there’s no resisting the urge, and you know it.
Come on...how am I NOT supposed to click that?!

Come on...how am I NOT supposed to click that?!

  • One thing I’ve heard is that C.U. stands for Construction U., and I’d have to agree. I’m convinced that, on any given day in Cornell’s history, there has been a Caterpillar moving dirt around. You pass ’em on Central Campus all the time–but hey, if it means the architecture students get a new building and the chemistry kids get new labs…who can complain?
  • Once you get here, high school achievements are basically nonexistent. Yeah, it’s Cornell…and while you might have been proud of that AP Scholar award or 2390 SAT in high school, I have thankfully not heard people ask or share this information once–it just doesn’t come up, and nobody cares to be honest. Personally, I’ve made it a rule here not to eat lunch with anyone that got less than a 2400 or 4.5 GPA in high school. (Just kidding. Do I even need to say just kidding, or does the sarcasm come across over text?)
  • The Pyramid Mall in Ithaca is definitely Welcome to The Shops at Ithaca Malla great thing to have nearby–it’s not too far of a ride on the TCAT buses, and has everything you’d ever need–Target, Best Buy,  and Bon Ton. I actually have no idea whatsoever what Bon Ton is, but I saw it there and needed a third store just so the sentence wouldn’t sound awkward.

I know that the second I hit the ‘submit post’ button, I’ll think of a dozen more bullet points. Eh well, I’ll incorporate ’em later on!

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