Daily Archives: August 26, 2010

Finally settled in…

So I’m finally settled in at Cornell–my stuff is all unpacked, I’m  (somewhat) getting used to being on my own, and I’m just getting a good feel for where everything is on campus. Yeah, I’ve made some mistakes along the way–I’ve walked to Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC) a couple of times when the dining hall was closed and had to go to Appel Commons, I trotted all the way across campus to Bailey Hall to see the Black Violins, only to find out that they had sold out all of their tickets, and I’ve forgotten to wear flip flops in the shower (which will definitely not happen again–yuck). I’ve realized though, that you can’t get frustrated with these kinds of things–college is a process, and it will definitely take a while until I get things down pat. It’s definitely an adjustment from being a senior in high school, where you are the “king of the world” essentially–you’re comfortable with your group of friends, you’ve mastered just how to do well in classes, and you know the building like the back of your hand.

One thing that I really could get used to is the fact that I’m not stuck in the same old high school schedule anymore. After four years, the whole idea of doing the same thing every day–going to the same 8 or 9 periods over and over–just gets tiresome, and I love that I no longer have to deal with that. It is weird, though, budgeting your time. Today, for example, I really don’t have a whole lot going on for a good chunk of the day and I’m kind of just relaxing–but, at what expense is this? Should I be studying or looking over a textbook?