Daily Archives: August 21, 2010

Arrived in Ithaca!

Who would have thought, after all of senior year and the whole summer, that the day would possibly come that I’d actually get in the car and drive to Cornell (okay, my dad did the driving)? It seems weird to say, but in high school you always say, “in college, I will…” or “I can’t wait for _____ in college.” Now that this long-awaited moment has come, it’s weird to think about.

The trip up was long, as expected. It took a good 6 hours, with stops, to arrive in Ithaca. But finally, after miles of farms, we saw this sign:

mail (2048×1536)Granted, there are nicer, better looking signs advertising the university…but this was the first one that we saw so it was the most exciting.

Move in day today was hectic, but very exciting as well. Cornell really does it well–you can tell that they’ve been moving in hordes of kids on one day for many years. The cars get all lined up outside the respective dorms, and then they get a 10 minute unload time to take everything out of their car and place it on the sidewalk so other cars can pull up. All the student volunteers were extremely helpful in getting stuff to the dorms, and I’m happy to say that I’m moved in comfortably.

mail (2048×1536)-1

So far we’ve had just a couple orientation events so far, including a Donlon RA (resident advisor) meeting, a night concert, presidents reception, etc. Looking back, it’s really hard to recount exactly what I did…just because it’s so crazy and you’re meeting so many new people!

Tomorrow is when a lot of the other orientation events begin, so I’ll be pretty busy then as well. Orientation definitely is a great experience, I’ve honestly never participated in anything like it! Check back soon…